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Samsung TV apps Samsung is making a big push towards the future with their Smart TV. By taking the good pieces of a lot of other devices and putting them all in to one place, Samsung is betting that Smart TV is the next big thing in home entertainment. The interface of the Smart TV is not much different than a smartphone, in which the screens are navigated by waving through them with a remote. It’s very similar to flicking through the screen on a smart phone. Samsung has been hard at work developing its own App Store to compete with the Apple store and everything can be purchased and downloaded straight from there to your TV. The menu is divided into 5 separate screens and one is dedicated to social networking. You are able to download apps like Facebook and Twitter, but the most appealing app for Smart TV is probably Skype. Being able to have video chats with the whole family is a big draw for some people – especially the older generation that lives far away from their grandkids but would still like to spend time with them. It’s a huge plus. There’s another page that’s dedicated to all the rest of the apps. Some of the apps are free and some will cost you money. You’ll be able to get Netflix and Amazon Streaming directly on your Smart TV without having to hook up another device and find a new way to contain the multitude of cords already hiding behind your entertainment center. Smart TV’s do require an Internet connection to properly function, so you’ll either need to connect with an Ethernet cable or through Wi-Fi. There are many options in each area for setting up an Internet connection. Some of them may be included in a bundle package that also contains cable TV, but that doesn’t mean your Samsung TV App experience will be any different. We’re living in an age where the more technology we have, the more fun we have, so why not get as much as you can? Use to find the cable provider in your area and you’ll be shown options for both Internet and cable, should the latter be something you’re interested in as well. For a more stable connection, it may be wise to look for a higher-end version of the Smart TV and use the Ethernet cable option. Some of the Samsung TV Apps are flash-based which you can’t get on Apple products, so there’s bound to be a whole new world that you’ve never looked into before. If you’ve recently purchased a new TV, but still want access to all the Smart TV Samsung Apps, you can do that. By purchasing a new Smart Blu-ray player, your TV will become optimized and have access to all the great apps waiting for you. Smart TV is the next generation of TV and Samsung is at the top of the heap and ahead of the curve.

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