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Less People Cheering for “Glee” Encore

The shine is starting to wear off on the piano, and “Glee” is starting to get desperate for ratings in its final season on FOX. From awful hoaxes to recycled ideas, the show is in danger of pushing viewers away. Why FOX is Worried Last year, ratings fell to new lows, episodes were cut, and the show struggled to attract viewers. Now, network executives are biting their nails while they worry about the current season. They’re willing to use desperate tactics to stay in the news and draw in viewers. A Desperate Casting Hoax The first rumors about Pamela Anderson joining “Glee” appeared on Twitter and spread quickly. It’s not clear who started the story, but fans posted screenshots of spoilers from the show and included the Anderson rumor. She was supposed to play Blaine Anderson’s (Darren Criss) mom, but there was a problem with the story. The actress was never scheduled to be a part of the cast and simply shared the same name with the character on “Glee.” Despite the popularity of the rumor, the network stayed quiet for months and let fans believe the real Pam Anderson was joining the cast. It was an easy way to stay in the news. Finally, “Glee” announced Gina Gershon will play Blaine’s mom, but she won’t have the same impact on the show as Anderson. Using the celebrity’s name was a cheap trick to get attention for the final season. Another Hoax Emerges Another hoax appeared on social media and stirred up controversy. Kurt Hummel’s (Chris Colfer) official Twitter account posted a message about him suddenly getting fired by producers for personal reasons. He later claimed his account was hacked. We don’t know the identity of the hacker, but FOX benefited from the tweet. The Washington Post pointed out the hoax got a lot of free publicity, and this was exactly what FOX wanted for “Glee.” Months later, fans are still talking about the hoax on Twitter: GleePost_Jan22 Rehashing the Past We watched Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) evolve on “Glee.” The nemesis of the glee club has fluctuated between trying to destroy the singers to trying to help them win competitions. However, the battle with Sue is always in the background of the show, and it’s getting old. “Glee” fans are telling their Twitter followers they’re tired of Sue, and they’re sick of her. However, the network isn’t listening. In its final season, “Glee” is using angry Sue to fight the glee club again, but the show has other options. Instead of trying to resurrect another war with Rachel, Sue could find a new club to destroy. New Directions deserves a new enemy in the final season, and it’s not getting one. The show seems desperate for ideas, so it’s simply reusing old material. What would you like to see in the show’s final season?

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