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EXCLUSIVE – Mark Pellegrino Chats About “The Tomorrow People” and Reminisces About “Lost”

Mark Pellegrino Mark Pellegrino, known for playing antagonists, talks about his latest role as Dr. Price on “The Tomorrow People,” a show that revolves around an enhanced species that could potentially eliminate the human race. Check out what Pellegrino had to say in an exclusive interview with CableTV. Q: I want to start off talking about your career before we get into “The Tomorrow People.” I have to start off with one of the biggest roles, when you were on “Lost.” What is that like, looking back on your career? Pellegrino: I have been fortunate and thankful. It seems in the last decade or so I’ve been able to work on these shows that are so good and have such a great fan base. In someways, they have kind of change the face of television. I think “Lost” did that. It was a pretty phenomenal show. I started out as a 22-year-old guy that really didn’t know anything … Once I started taking things really seriously thats when things started taking off and I almost didn’t go on the “Lost” audition believe it or not. I had four auditions that day and the audition was five pages and a lot of dialogue. I said to my wife I can’t do this. She told me it was the best show on television and so I went in and let it go, three days later they called me. Q: Is that crazy to look back on that show and realize you were apart of something so huge? Pellegrino: It feels pretty great, especially when people come up to me in the street and say ‘Oh my god, Jacob I loved you in “Lost” you changed my life.’ I am not sure how that happened that I changed their life but it must be for the better because they are not punching me in the face. So somehow that project had a great effect on people, maybe because it was a redemption story. I liked being a part of that. Q: We would be on the phone forever if I discussed every show you have ever done, but to fast forward to another major role for you as Nick/Lucifer on “Supernatural” must have been pretty cool. Pellegrino: Other people see me as this intense actor. I didn’t audition for “Supernatural” that role was actually offered to me. They must see something in me. I just call it passion. What I loved about that, and I said yes before I really read the script because of the show and they were asking me to play Lucifer so you got to do it, but once I read the mythology their twist on the angels it that was so good and Lucifer was clean and clear and was morally superior. I thought he was honest. I thought his case was real, maybe he is going about it in inappropriate ways. These characters have these intense versions of passion, but they just go about it in maybe a different way that may not be considered the best. Q: Would you ever return to “Supernatural”? Pellegrino: I certainly hope so … there has to be a possibility. I mean Lucifer is in a box somewhere so I am sure there has to be a way out. They got to let him out … I also think people want to see a Crowley/Lucifer showdown. So, hopefully I will be back. Q: Alright, so now on to “The Tomorrow People,” can you talk to me about your character Dr. Price? Pellegrino: You have already been introduced to a character called, the founder, who is the strongest telepathy alive and the strongest tomorrow person alive and that makes for a very interested work environment I would imagine where you can’t reveal who you really are. You can’t always be what you are. You have to be what other people want you to be you have to put on a facade. I am not sure what that is yet. I can’t tell you what that is. It’s just that Price is how he is because publicly he has to be that way. I think the show is about a war between two rival species. One that has the ability to take over and literally just drive the other one into extinction. There are all of these other things mixed into that, a brother. To me, he is as if he is standing and is torn desperately trying to straddle the gap. Q: When you read about him, people would say he is the antagonist of the series. Do you agree with that or as an actor you don’t look at him that way? Pellegrino: I never look at any of the characters I play as an antagonist. I always play them as someone who is passionate and always going for what they want. A lot of times, that ends up with them going against the protagonist. A lot of times the ends justifies the means in this situation. Q: What can fans expect for the rest of the season? Pellegrino: Oh it’s going to evolve. You are going to see my relationship with Morgan evolve and it’s going to get pretty intense. Does it change things? Yeah. It does in a way, but maybe not in the way you think. But there is an element to everything. Being in love with a tomorrow person is a dangerous thing. Moving forward, relationships between Steve and Price are going to get more complicated, the relationship between him and Morgan are going to get more complicated. You will end up understanding more of the relationship between the brothers, you will begin to understand a lot more about the organization. I think the questions that people might have about Price and Roger will be answered. Catch Mark Pellegrino on “The Tomorrow People” on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on The CW. Photo Courtesy of Katie Yu/CW Find Monica on Google+

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