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Mary Lynn Rajskub of “24: Live Another Day” Says, “I never thought this would come back”


“24: Live Another Day” is a 24 limited event television series airing on on FOX. Set four years after the events of season eight, it loosely adheres to the real time concept. While it still covers the events of a 24 hour period, with each episode corresponding to an hour, there are jumps forward in time between certain episodes.

Mary Lynn Rajskub said she couldn’t believe they were going to be revamping her role on 24.

“I was very shocked when I found out because I had moved on with my life. It had been four years and so I spent a few days with my husband and my child and my dogs walking around my pajamas going what is happening? Kind of not believing it and watching my Twitter feed blow up and I responded like we’re very excited. Meanwhile, I was waiting for them to actually pick up the phone and call and ask me to be involved. And, of course, I said yes without hesitation. How could I not?”

Rajskub said she had some input into her character and how she was going to be portrayed.

“… in the description it was a very different Chloe. It was very briefly and loosely described, and it wasn’t until I got to London, and it was about a week and the first thing we did was the Super Bowl promo. So that was kind of cool because that got me together with Kiefer and then we kind of came up with a look that was the first thing we shot. So I met with the hair and wardrobe and makeup, and we just had a great few days of coming up with this idea for this character. So I did it with that team and then we presented it to the producers and everybody and sort of took it from there.

Although she had to keep a tight lip, Rajskub said fans can expect the same high quality of writing as before and that everyone should tune in to see how this series is going to turn out.

“It’s “24.” It always surprises me. I never thought this would come back. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing that is now twice in a lifetime, and the response to it, especially with social media, which just occurred to me, was not around very much, not until the tail end, and I certainly wasn’t using it as much as I am now as a thing that I kind of go to. I absolutely will go to it throughout the day and right after the show and leading up to the show, and it’s amazing, because not only have Jack and Chloe, it’s like they never left, but it’s heightened even more. So I think this has turned out to be a really cool thing bringing it back.”

Watch Mary Lynn Rajskub in “24: Live Another Day” \Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.

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