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Matt Passmore and Katherine LaNasa Discuss USA’s New Series, “Satisfaction”

matt_passmore After four seasons starring on A&E’s “The Glades,” Matt Passmore is embarking on an exciting new project that is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. As the show begins, fans are taken into the lives of Neil and Grace Truman, a married couple who have hit a rough point in their marriage. Although they seem to have it all, they want more and they aren’t afraid to go out and get it. Following a series of unconventional decisions, Neil finds himself taking on the role of the male escort who his wife previously paid for sex. As Neil juggles his double life, so is his wife. “They really start to walk on a tightrope, but what they don’t realize is that they are on the same one,” Passmore said about the two characters. The concept of the series is certainly unexpected and not something fans are used to seeing, but Passmore, for one, couldn’t be happier to be part of the new cable series. “As a show, it takes the pressure off,” Passmore said. “A show like this, you kind of know, will get its run through. Normally these cable TV shows, being 10-13 episodes, they open up the rest of the year for other stuff and it’s just a nice amount of time. On cable, you can tell stories that you get to survive a bit longer before someone pulls the pin.” The idea of a woman cheating first is a bit out there when it comes to what fans have seen on television and the businessman husband moonlighting as an escort is even further out there, but when it comes to these two characters, Passmore says there’s more to it than just sex. “The whole male escort aspect about it is fun to talk about because it’s the hook – it’s the sort of thing that is out of the ordinary, but it’s really just symptomatic,” Passmore said. “It’s taken an idea to the extreme of what’s happening within this relationship and within these individuals as they try and find themselves.” “This isn’t a show about what girl is he going to have this week,” Passmore said. “This is really watching these two people really find different ways of finding their identity. As the show kicks off, Neil doesn’t expect that [escorting] will be a continuing thing, but the show ends up forming a tighter and tighter tightrope that any secret can blow things wide open, whether it be relationship-wise or escort-wise, what his wife is doing. There’s a lot of big white lies happening in this show.” As Neil continues on in his new career path, fans meet Adriana (Katherine LaNasa), a woman who hires Neil to sleep with her but later reveals she’s running an escort service of her own. “It felt a bit more mature, almost a Joan Collins-type of role and the first time I read it out loud, I knew I could do the part like Kate Moss,” LaNasa told CableTV. “It’s very powerful I think whenever women don’t need men, they get the upper hand.” Throughout the series, fans will see plenty of LaNasa. In addition to doing tattoos and speaking Japanese, Adriana will serve as the constant “devil on Neil’s shoulder, always trying to lure him away from his safe, secure life.” “The show takes some trippy turns,” LaNasa said. ”I really hope this show works, because this is really very original. It’s rare that I see a show where all the cast members are very complicated.” “Satisfaction” premieres on July 17 at 10 p.m. on the USA Network.
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