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Meet Kyle Mooney: Web Weirdo Turned SNL Wonderboy

Kyle Mooney

Miley Cyrus’ new episode of SNL had its share of ups (a “We Can’t Stop” parody about the government shutdown, Jay Pharoah’s outrageous Shannon Sharpe impression) and downs (a wholly bizarre cheerleader/alien abduction skit, and the Hillary Clinton TV sketch falling flat). But if you stuck it out, you caught a digital short by Kyle Mooney, one of six new cast members among this season’s bumper crop.

To the untrained eye, “Miley Sex Tape” was a surreal short, maybe a tad bland, that featured a non-buff dude contemplating sex with the pop star. For us Kyle fans–affectionately dubbed “Schmooney Mooneys”–it was a polished, bigger budget version of the hilarious schmo we’ve adored from YouTube sketch comedy group GoodNeighborStuff (fellow Good Neighbor Beck Bennett is a new member as well). Kyle’s been kicking round the interly-net for quite some time now. So before he really turns Mr. Popular and stars in a summer flop as Fred Armisen’s son, let’s relive all his unplaceable accents, awkward sexual advances, and those mountains and mountains of purp skurp. 

“ball champions”

A perfect introduction to Kyle and one of his first viral hits. I challenge you to work “nah-mo nah-mo too-la-nye” into your daily vocabulary.


Our second stop in descent to goofy accent hell. Insanely quotable and well-rehearsed (by which I mean very poorly), this may just be Kyle at his Kyle-est.


A GoodNeighborStuff sketch that proves a sketch comedy truism: nothing is more impressive than performing something in perfect synchronization, and some times nothing is funnier.

 “is my roommate gay?”

A GoodNeighbor throwback sporting a younger Kyle. Whatever country that accent’s from, I want to move there and live among the good-natured, frizzy-haired people. 


It’s a wonder this bad boy doesn’t have as many views as other Kyle hits. You just can’t write this stuff–all the sporadic instances–his hands wringing the chair, the ludicrous goodbye–flex an improv muscle that I’m sure attracted the eye of SNL creator Lorne Michaels.

“Window Washer”

This sticks out in the Kyle Mooney cannon for its unnecessarily high production. In the year 2050, an e-textbook titled “The Joke That Wasn’t There: Absurdism and Surrealism in Comedy” will laud this clip as the most important work in the history of the art form. And it will be right. Sort of. Actually, no. 

“Saturday Night Live: Miley Sex Tape”

I can just hear the Lorne Michaels’ strategy on this one: “Listen, Kyle. You’re funny. Real funny, actually. America just doesn’t know you yet. You can’t give them full force Kyle all at once: they won’t get it. Consider this as an introduction, albeit a tame one. They’ll come around.” God, I hope so.

Will America learn to love Kyle? Or is he just too much of a wack-job? Leave your sweet and tender thoughts below. 

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