The web is buzzing with complaints about Megan Boone on NBC’s “The Blacklist,” saying her performance is flat and uninspired. But all their comments leave me wondering what is wrong with the haters and why they’re complaining so much. 


In a show where crazy things happen every week, she is relatable and helps ground the heightened drama.

She plays a rookie FBI profiler in a way that makes us feel like it could be us in her shoes.


Except she also kicks a lot of ass.

Liz Keen

Also, let’s be honest, her character has a lot to deal with. Most recently, she had to kill this guy.

The Blacklist - Season 1

Photo by: Will Hart/NBC

Megan Boone portrays all of her pain and hurt in a convincing way that keeps us all captivated.


Liz represents the moral center of the show. She does what she needs to do, even when she wants to give up. Even when she’s mind-blowingly scared, she is brave.

So it’s not Boone’s performance that is lacking; it’s the character’s experience. But throughout the season, we see her learn and grow in her job and, by the end, she becomes a genuinely impressive FBI agent.


Haters always love to point out things that don’t matter, like the fact that the actress wears a wig as part of the character. Sounds like quite a stretch to me.


“I love that she has a lion’s heart, and feet made of clay,” Boone said, explaining why she likes playing this character. “I kind of find it endearing that she is sometimes unable to assert the challenges, and sometimes unprepared for what’s coming — and yet she tries to find answers and she tries to surmount the challenges.”


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