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Mircea Monroe, Hart of Dixie: “There have been major surprises this season”

Mircea Monroe

Mircea Monroe, Hart of Dixie, started her career in the movie, Cellular, and from there has moved on to many projects including Episodes, and Hart of Dixie. Monroe shares exclusive information about her career of multiple roles.

Q: How did you get involved in acting?

Monroe: I was working at a restaurant called, Volcano, and one of the guys that came in there, was a director at New Line Cinema and he asked me to come in and audition for this movie called, Cellular, and I ended up getting it and that sort of got the ball rolling. 

Q: What is it like reflecting back on your career, knowing that you’ve always had continuous work?

Monroe: It feels so good to have you say that because I think sometimes you just put blinders on and just do what is in front of you as opposed to stopping to realize how far you’ve come. It is really hard work, but also incredibly rewarding … since I’ve had a lot of different experiences.

Q: How has your experience on “Episodes,” staring Matt LeBlanc, been?

Monroe: He is a dream; as a person, as a coworker in everyway and the other actors as well. We just finished our third season so we really have become a family.

Q: What drew you into the character of “Morning?”

Monroe: I like that she’s an actress, and that she’s older. I found that character really challenging and it scared me a lot…which is why I knew I had to try to get the part.

Q: How did get the role of “Tansy” in “Hart of Dixie?”

Monroe: I just went through the usual process of auditioning, and getting the part was so fulfilling for a lot of reasons; it’s really different than “Episodes” and the fans are so loyal which is really rewarding.

Q: What is it like knowing that fans worry about your character’s return to the show?

Monroe: It made me so happy. I didn’t know how onboard people would feel about my character and I didn’t realize how fulfilling that would feel.

Q: Is there anything fans can know about the premiere?

Monroe: She (Tansy) is going to be there; but you just don’t know how it is going to unfold but to me that’s what’s super exciting. There have been major surprises this season that have been so fun to read.

Q: Is there anything that you would like to say to your die-hard fans that follow you from project to project?

Monroe: It feels so good and I am very aware of how special it is to have anyone follow my work. Twitter’s probably the best way now (that fans can reach me) @missmircea.

Catch Mircea Monroe every Monday on Hart of Dixie on The CW at 8pm EST. 

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