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Miss USA: Giuliana Rancic Says “You Have To Stay on Planet Earth”


Giuliana Rancic and Thomas Roberts discussed the 2014 Miss USA competition with CableTV and what it was like co-hosting together.

Additionally, fans had the opportunity to save their favorite contestant during the evening gown portion through a Twitter save which was the first time the competition used social media to get real-time reactions from fans.

Rancic said the competition was amazing, but the thrust of being put in the spotlight can sometimes be a little difficult and gave some advice to the newly crowd winner.

“I always think to myself no matter how busy I get, no matter how many TV shows I do, don’t forget go to the dry cleaner, go to the grocery store, pump your own gas,” Rancic said. “You have to stay on planet Earth and you can’t lose sight of who you are and what is really important in this world. No matter how famous you get, remain on planet Earth and just remember what is really important in this world.”

Roberts said this year’s competition was a bit competitive because the way of pageants has changed over the year’s. Instead of just being a pretty face, one needs to really make an effort to be down to earth, authentic, and more of a complete package. However, Roberts said winning the crown gives the winner the “opportunity to make a difference in so many people’s lives,” making it a remarkable journey and a true sight to see.

Rancic agreed saying that this opportunity gives someone a change to make a difference that they may have never been given before.

“I mean, winning the crown, becoming Miss USA gives you this incredible platform to make a difference,” Rancic said. “And not only is the woman who gets crowned beautiful and, you know, look great in a swimsuit and great in an evening gown but there’s always more to the winner and that usually lays within her, you know, platform and what she is hoping to do with this crown.”

Nevada’s Nia Sanchez won this years’ competition, with Erin Brady, of South Glastonbury, Connecticut, the 2013 winner, crowning her after a three-hour telecast from the Baton Rouge Civic Center in Louisiana.

Sanchez will go on from the 63rd Miss USA to represent the U.S. at the Miss Universe competition later this year.

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