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Greg Poehler Talks About Approaching Comedy Differently with “Welcome to Sweden”

welcometosweden NBC announced it’s taking a risk with a new show called, “Welcome to Sweden.” The network said it is going to be a different take on the comedy genre. Gary Mednick, from NBC Publicity, said this show is going to blow audiences away. According to Mednick, the show is a comedy, shot in Stockholm, that tells the story of Bruce and Emma. “Emma decides to move back to her native Sweden to accept a prestigious job and Bruce joins her to begin a new life together,” Mednick said. “But with no jobs, friends or real clue as to what he’s getting himself into, Bruce must deal with the many unique challenges and culture clashes that living in a foreign land presents.” Emma (Josephine Bornebusch) and Bruce (Greg Poehler) both said bringing these two characters on screen was a little difficult. Poehler said that, for him, it wasn’t as challenging because the character was written based off himself (Poehler is also a co-creator of the show). “I tried to make it as non-challenging as possible since it was my first time acting,” Poehler said. Meanwhile, Bornebusch said for her it took a little more work. She said she continued to tweak her character in the writers’ room, working on her until she felt comfortable playing her in a way that was natural. “It’s harder than you think to act, you know, like – when someone says okay, act like it, it was like woah,” Bornebusch said. However, by both Bornebusch and Poehler being relatively new at playing a twisted version of themselves they found the show had a crazy out of the box atmosphere that is not only extremely funny, but that has viewers rooting for these two characters to make it in their relationship. Another challenge the cast faced was filming it out of the country. Poehler said he wanted to make sure the show was suitable for both the U.S. market and the Swedish market. He said while some jokes worked domestically, others failed internationally. He said it was his job to “balance” out between the two areas to make sure that the jokes were something that they could all “agreed on and found funny.” Heading towards the future, Poehler said fans can expect a show that is “like a relationship or rom-com, romantic comedy, where the focus is on the two main characters. It’s really a show about these people and this relationship and whether or not it will work. I hope people appreciate them and how great she [Bornebusch] is in this and in life.” Watch “Welcome to Sweden” Thursdays at 9 p.m., beginning July 10, on NBC.
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