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“Once Upon a Time” Has a Twisted Family Tree

The twisted family tree of “Once Upon a Time” is getting more complicated than Regina’s relationship with Robin Hood. It didn’t take Elizabeth Mitchell’s sinister Snow Queen long to claim a family tie to a “Frozen” character, and who can blame her for wanting to be part of one of Disney’s most beloved franchises? There’s a high likelihood she lied about being related to Elsa, but there’s video evidence that she was once Emma Swan’s memory-swiping foster mom. With all the magic used to alter her mind, maybe it’s time for Emma to schedule a few sessions with Archie. Emma’s connection to the Snow Queen isn’t the strangest family link on “Once Upon a Time.” Let’s take a look at the tangled branches of the ABC series’ unique family tree. Peter Pan Is the Crocodile’s Father Apparently the “Once Upon a Time” writers decided making Emma the same age as her parents wasn’t weird enough; they had to find a way to make a character look decades older than his offspring. Revealing Rumple was the son of a mean, murderous, re-imagining of Peter Pan was definitely one of the show’s wackiest moves, but the connection gets even weirder when you remember that Rumple is also supposed to be the crocodile from Disney’s “Peter Pan.” Regina and the Wicked Witch Are Sisters The strangest thing about these siblings is Zelena’s anti-climatic death. You expected to see Regina struggle with making the heartbreaking decision to kill her only remaining blood relative, a woman who shared Regina’s experience of having her heart corrupted by dark magic. But instead Mr. Gold just stabbed the Wicked Witch and made her shatter into a million pieces. People have come back from the dead before, so perhaps the green-skinned witch will pop up again when “Once” finally decides to do “The Princess and the Frog.” I also wouldn’t be shocked if Emma’s pal Lilly turns out to be Zelena’s daughter or something (that star scar has to mean she’s related to someone magical). Henry’s Father Was a Lost Boy What’s really odd here is Henry’s father was friends with an adult Hook when he was a Lost Boy, and now Emma is dating the 300-year-old pirate. I’m just waiting for Emma and Hook’s relationship to be rocked by the news he has a child he doesn’t know about out there somewhere (he was quite the scallywag before he met Miss Swan, after all). Regina’s Mother Almost Married Regina’s Future Husband Cora got so close to winning the heart of Prince Leopold (Snow White’s father), but giving birth to Zelena ruined her shot at marrying into royalty. So what did the power-hungry maiden do? She ditched baby Zelena, gave birth to another daughter (Regina), poisoned Snow White’s mother, and pushed Regina into marrying Leopold. Cora was one twisted witch, and what she did to Regina almost makes the Evil Queen’s murderous behavior justifiable. Rumpelstiltskin Is Henry’s Grandfather This isn’t really all that strange by “Once Upon a Time” standards. However, it is weird when you realize Henry’s grandfather is also the beast from “Beauty and the Beast,” the crocodile from “Peter Pan,” and the fairy godmother from “Cinderella.” I think it’s important to point out that we haven’t met Rumple’s mother, so this reveal could be interesting. Maybe she’ll turn out to be the Snow Queen, Maleficent, or warlord Bo Peep. And who knows? The show’s most shocking revelation yet could be that Mr. Gold is his own grandpa. Which “Once Upon a Time” family connections surprised you the most?
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