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“Once Upon a Time” Season 3 Spoiler Roundup: The Wicked Witch is Coming

  “Once Upon a Time” is coming back to ABC on March 9 and the rest of season three is going to be a wild one. The biggest spoiler that has been revealed is that The Wicked Witch of the West is coming and will be played by Rebecca Mader. She is best known by fans for her time on the hit series “Lost.” This is her first time on the show and fans know this is going to come with a lot of drama. It is all about evil vs. evil when she goes up against Regina. Check out the big spoilers for the end of season three.
  • Emma is not charmed easily by Hook in the real world. They got along very well in the fantasy world, but that isn’t going to be the case when he comes to find her and Henry in New York City. He will somehow convince her to go out to dinner with him though. He is going to try to jog her memory because she has forgotten everything.
  • Regina and the Wicked Witch have a huge rivalry. The rest of season three will be about these two against each other and it is going to be a big rivalry. It will be interesting to see if both make it out of season three alive. Of course there will be flying monkeys coming this season.
  • One preview shows Charming in Fairytale Land but fans can assume this is just a flashback. They have lost their memories of what even happened there.
  • Don’t forget that Robin Hood is Regina’s one true love. They will come face to face on the March 16 season.
  • They will show Storybrooke again but how and when has not been revealed. More than likely when Emma and Henry leave New York City in their car this is where they will be headed.
  • Meghan Ory is coming back as Ruby. There have been a few hints about this but it wasn’t confirmed until recently.
  • Emma does have a new love interest in her life joining the show so Hook will have try hard to win her over.
In “New York Serenade,” viewers will get to meet The Wicked Witch of the West. Her name is Zelena on this series. This is also when Hook will be at Emma’s door. She will feel a connection to him, but it will take a bit before she figures out why. Don’t miss the rest of season three of “Once Upon a Time” when it premieres March 9 on ABC. Find Mandy on Google+

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