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“Once Upon a Time”: Which Disney Characters Should Join the Wicked Witch and Rapunzel?


Wicked is coming to “Once Upon a Time!”

Because Regina and Rumpelstiltskin finally changed their evil ways for their families, “Once” had to conjure up a new nemesis for all the fairy tale folk fighting to find their happy endings. The cackling, green-skinned Wicked Witch of the West was the perfect pick for the new big bad, and you can bet that this version of the vengeful Oz witch won’t be easily defeated with a bucket of water.

According to E! Online, the Wicked Witch has it out for Regina. Because all of the main characters on “Once” seem to be related, it’s possible that these sinister sorceresses are sisters. If this does turn out to be the case, hopefully their sibling rivalry doesn’t result in Regina being crushed by house.

The Wicked Witch isn’t the only fairy tale character joining the ever-expanding “Once” world. Alexandra Metz played a witch on “The Originals,” but she’s trading her magic for a mane of long, climbable hair. According to Wetpaint, Rapunzel will make her first appearance in the 14th episode of season 3, which is titled “The Tower.” The Wicked Witch will probably appear in the preceding episode titled “Witch Hunt.” TV Line also reports that beloved “Beauty and the Beast” character Lumiere will light up the screen in episode 15, which is titled “Quiet Minds.” However, the amorous candlestick with a French accent has been renamed “Lawrence.” Lawrence is described as an “uppity, know-it-all” servant.

Because “Once” is showing no signs of slowing down its expansion of its fairy tale world, it’s safe to say that viewers will soon be introduced to even more beloved Disney characters. Here’s a look at a few who should be added to the show:

Princess Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” – “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” features a talking CGI rabbit, so it’s not too far-fetched to imagine a talking frog princess making an appearance on “Once.” But because “Once” likes to combine fairy tales, perhaps “The Frog Prince” fairy tale will get married to another character’s story—Rapunzel’s rescuer might turn out to be an enchanted toad.

Flynn Rider from “Tangled” – Or perhaps Rapunzel will still get to meet dashing thief Flynn in the “Once” world. Because the character is adept at stealing very valuable things, he’d make a great addition to Robin Hood’s Merry Men.

Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians” – It’s great that “Once” is getting a new big bad, but the show used to have two of them. Instead of making Regina a relation of the Wicked Witch, perhaps it should be revealed that Cruella is Wicked’s equally-evil sister (watch out, Toto!). There are probably plenty of Oncers who really want to see Pongo get a backstory. All the humans get their happy endings, so why can’t he find his Perdita and become the proud papa of a litter of adorable puppies?

Merlin from “The Sword in the Stone” – This powerful character has already been mentioned on “Once,” but he’s yet to appear in a puff of smoke. Gandalf and Dumbledore have proved that audiences adore kindly, bearded wizards, so isn’t about time for “Once” to introduce one? Perhaps Merlin could double as the mysterious Wizard of Oz.

Hercules from “Hercules” – The guys currently saving the day on “Once” are hot and all, but they just aren’t shirtless enough. It definitely wouldn’t be a shock to see this buff hero make an appearance on the show because viewers have already been introduced one character from Greek mythology. Snow White was able to take care of Medusa on her own, but she might need a little help from a half-god like Herc if she ever runs into a hydra.

Which Disney characters would you like to see on the show?

“Once” returns to ABC on March 9.

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