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Paranormal Investigator Amy Bruni of “Ghost Hunters” Wants to Go to Graceland

Amy Bruni Ghost Hunters

“Ghost Hunters” is celebrating a decade of tracking things that go bump in the night. Paranormal investigator Amy Bruni gave us an exclusive interview to discuss the show and the upcoming season, which premieres January 22 on Syfy.

Q: You’re in your 10th year of “Ghost Hunters.” How do you keep coming up with new approaches to keep the show fresh?

Amy Bruni: We’ve definitely been trying out some new things this coming season. We’ve been using these full spectrum glasses. I haven’t used them, but Jay’s in love with them, which is probably why I haven’t used them because he never lets me! But they actually record video from the viewpoint of your eyes. We’ve gotten some pretty startling evidence this season, especially the first case back in Gettysburg. There’s something pretty spectacular that happens there that I have not seen before.

Q: You’ve been at this a long time so it’s probably pretty hard to surprise you.

AB: Yes, it is, actually. There have been some really great things recently that have just kind of blown my mind. And for me to say that, that’s huge, because I have been at this for a very long time. So I think that viewers are going to be really excited when we come back.

Q: One of the great things about “Ghost Hunters” is that unlike some shows, you guys debunk a lot of evidence. So when you find something that you feel is genuine, it seems more believable.

AB: I think that our viewers trust us. They have been with us for so long and we’re kind of part of their family at this point. And so they know and can see it in our eyes when something’s really got us spooked, or there’s a piece of evidence that we’re really excited about. They know us that well now that they get excited along with us, which I think is pretty cool.

Q: It sounds like this is something that you’ve really been interested in since a pretty young age. Can you tell me how you got started in the paranormal or when you realized you really wanted to pursue this?

AB: I started investigating when I was a kid. We lived in a house that had stuff going on and my family has always been kind of kooky and new age-y, and so they taught me not to be afraid of it. So I started investigating my own house and I started checking out books at the library on spiritualism and paranormal investigation. You know, this was the ’80s, so I would watch “In Search Of” and that was really what got me started.

Q: That was one of our favorites too. We were really into the whole Bigfoot thing and we would be looking for Bigfoot in our woods. Séances and all that kind of stuff.

AB: It was big in the ’80s, kind of like it is now almost. It kind of goes in waves, although we’ve been going for a while now.

Q: You guys were at least one of the first, if not the first, paranormal investigation show on TV, right?

AB: Yeah. The first investigation show, for sure.

Q: There are a lot of sort of copycats cropping up, although they tend to be a little more, how shall I say it, dramatic than you guys. Do you feel you can still compete with so many new shows cropping up?

AB: I think so. I don’t ever turn on those shows so that when people ask what I think of (them), I don’t have to say anything because I don’t know. But I know a lot of people from other shows and I think it is evident when you watch us that we have all known each other for years and we go way back. I think that is a formula that works in a lot of reality television genres. I think that has really been the formula for our success and the other key I think is that we really care about the investigations. If the show ended tomorrow, we would all still be looking for ghosts. It is not something that we are just doing because the cameras are on–we did it long before, and we will do it long after. I think that translates to TV.

Q: Well, I mean, we’re just seeing the highlights on the TV show, but something people probably forget is that there are a lot of hours where nothing at all happens. So if you don’t like the people you are with, you’re in big trouble.

AB: That is very, very true. It is almost like living together–they become your roommates and your family and there are a lot of hours on the road together. Although we aren’t going on the road as much now, because of my daughter. I am very lucky that my schedule has been altered so I can handle both, but before you know it I will be on the road with these guys eight or nine weeks in a row. Even off camera we are spending every week and hour with each other doing something. You really have to like who you are hanging out with at that point.

Q: So it’s like being in a rock and roll band without the groupies and the alcohol?

AB: I say that a lot because this is fun, actually. It’s kind of the rock and roll show except for the whole sex, drugs and rock and roll part of that. But we will fly into town and carry our gear everywhere.

Q: So is there anything else that you would really like any other place that you would like to investigate?

AB: I always say I am dying to go to Graceland, but they won’t let us in there.

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