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Patrick J. Adams Dishes On Sex Scenes and The Latest Season of Suits

Patrick Adams Interview Suits You know him on USA Network’s Suits as Mike Ross, the encyclopedic associate attorney with a big secret—he never actually went to law school. Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams, will be facing some hard times this season as he and mentor, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) are at odds with each other after the season two finale. Adams is everything you want in an actor: funny, intelligent, nice, caring, and just an overall joy to speak to. In this exclusive Patrick J. Adams interview, the actor discusses the growing up Ross will do this season and what fans should expect over the next few months. Q: Can you give us some insight into the season two finale? Adams: Mike ended up siding with Jessica (Gina Torres) to do whatever he could to get his name on the door. Harvey saw that as a massive disloyalty and, of course, Harvey values loyalty over all things. So Harvey fired Mike. Jessica stepped in to save his job, and Mike went off to the file room and revealed his secret to Rachel (Meghan Markle), which is yet another thing that Harvey had been very clear with Mike about not doing because it would put them all at risk. So we find ourselves in an irreversible situation where Mike has chosen sides between Harvey and Rachel, and also between Jessica and Harvey. Mike and Harvey are going to be furiously at odds and it’s going to be a difficult road to get back in Harvey’s good graces again. Q: Is season three a season of consequences from a lot of the decisions that were made in season two? Adams: We definitely start the season based on the consequences on what happened. We are not running away from any of the choices that the writers and we made at the end of the last season. So definitely people are going to have to pay for the choices they made. At the same time, the firm is in this brand new merger, something that Harvey is not happy about, and while that is going to create some conflict of it’s own, it’s also going to have to tie some of these characters together if they are going to survive. It’s a sort of live together, die alone situation and, at this firm, people are going to realize that quite quickly. Q: How do you feel Mike has changed from season one? Adams: I think he is completely different and it sort of happened unbeknownst to me. It wasn’t something I was really paying attention to, but as I got more comfortable, I [began] understanding who Mike was and what was driving him. I see a Mike who is a lot more at home, not just in the firm, but in his own skin and the suits that he is wearing. He’s not the sort of puppy dog that we came to know in that first season.

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