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Peaky Blinders Explainer in GIFs and Memes

Peaky Blinders is premiering its sixth and final season—but what if you’ve never seen it? We have a handy (if not entirely accurate) guide in GIFs and memes.

I’ll admit it: I’ve never watched a minute of Peaky Blinders. I do know that it’s a British series carried by Netflix in the US and that its sixth and final season premieres stateside on Friday, June 10. Beyond that, nada.

So, I took to the internet and educated myself as one does with a limited amount of time and interest in 2022: by studying GIFs and memes. Through my extensive research dive (a good 10 minutes), I’ve uncovered six digital documents that I believe explain the premise, or premises, of Peaky Blinders.

Get Peaky with Netflix

As of Friday, June 10, all six seasons of Peaky Blinders will be available on Netflix. Check out our Netflix review, as well as a guide to more shows to watch on the service.

Hats, hats, hats!

Walking, pouting, looking sassy—is Peaky Blinders like Project Runway for caps and chapeaus? If so, my money’s on the bloke with the rifle.

Stroll patrol

There seems to be a lot of determined walking in Peaky Blinders, so it could be a statement about cutting down on vehicle emissions. Look, they’re even striding in the snow!

Tea time

This chap, who looks eerily similar to the Scarecrow from The Dark Knight Rises, enjoys his tea. Obviously, Peaky Blinders is a Netflix companion series to The Great British Baking Show.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

And we’re walking again. Peaky Blinders might be an extended cigarette commercial—how could you not want to look this cool while having a smoke?

Walk this way

They’ve turned and are now walking to the left. What’s over there in that direction? I’m guessing a pub—all of this grimaced sauntering has made me thirsty, too.

A queen’s gambit

Anya Taylor-Joy is in this? Maybe there’re some riveting chess matches in Peaky Blinders. Netflix’s cross-promotional synergy is on point.

Bonus: The darkest timeline

Very real information here: Peaky Blinders has not only lasted six seasons, but it will also ultimately wrap with a feature-length movie, according to series creator and writer Steven Knight. This was the failed dream of Community, a show I actually do know. Guess I’ll go binge that again . . .

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