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Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham Dish on Season 5 of “Covert Affairs”

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Covert Affairs” is a USA Network television series starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham. The one-hour drama about a young CIA trainee, Annie Walker, is sent to work in the Domestic Protection Division (DPD) as a field agent. Perabo and Gorham discuss where “Covert Affairs” is going this upcoming season.

Q: Do you think that since Auggie cheated on her, they can get past that or does she really understand it?

Perabo: I mean, you really don’t want them to be happy because then there’s no story, but…

Gorham: I have to say I don’t think it’s quite so cut and dry as you present it.

Perabo: I agree with you, Chris. I agree with you.

Gorham: I mean, they didn’t break up. And then as much as…

Perabo: We were on a break. It’s like on “Friends.” We were on a break.

Gorham: Quite definitely. They broke up and they barely saw each other. Like until after she ended up coming back months, and months later.

Perabo: And your wife being alive is a fairly extenuating circumstance. And I feel like Annie could at least consider having a beer with the guy who didn’t know his wife was actually alive.

Gorham: And also I think that it is something … I think it’s very easy and certainly tempting and juicy to say that Auggie cheated on Annie. And I completely understand that kind of gut feeling.

But I think one of the things our show has really started to explore, and I hope it’ll continue going into season five, it’s just how complicated these people’s lives are and how, on the surface, it may seem very simple. Sometimes it’s really not. And sometimes, with the kind of vulnerabilities that they have offer up and the kind of, like, secret lives that they live and how lonely it can get at times, you kind of explore as to what are the boundaries and are the boundaries different for these people than they are for, an accountant and a school nurse who are married; you know what I mean?

Q: One of the things I loved about this season was kind of the dynamic and how it changed between Annie and Calder and Auggie and Calder. Can you talk a little bit about working with Hill and that whole relationship? And do you think there’s, like, a 100% trust there now between the three of them?

Perabo: I love how they wrote the Calder character and that he was a real, kind of, nut. He was not on our side at the beginning and then it takes a whole season for the three of us to become a team. I thought that that was really fun and I like the dynamic of the three of us together.

I don’t know if he trusts Annie. Whatever she wants sometimes, but I think she trusts him. I don’t know if she always likes him. There’s a scene when Auggie’s listening to music instead of, like, it’s better than small talk with Calder. And I feel like there’s still a closeness between Annie and Auggie that’s its own unique thing. 

Gorham: Yes. I think that’s kind of the similar dynamic. I think, you know, Auggie and Calder have discovered that they have the same goal. That they go about things a very different way. The way that Annie and Auggie operate is not how Calder is comfortable operating.

That being said, I think I did something very deliberate that a couple people that follow the blind stuff that we do on the show very closely picked up on, which was in Episode 14 when Auggie and Calder have this walk and talk scene at the World War 2 Memorial. And it’s the first time that Auggie has walked with Calder with his cane folded up, which is something that I really only do on the show with characters that Auggie trusts. 

And I felt like that was him saying to Calder, without saying it, but that I know we’re on the same side and let’s work together. I trust you. So yes. So kind of mimicking what Piper said. I think that they trust each other. And I think that’s part of what’s interesting about Calder and makes him so much fun is that he’s not always likeable. But you know where he stands and there’s value in that.

Q: So the last time I talked to Matt and Chris, they said there was a huge bombshell at the end of the episode that will change the whole trajectory of the show. So can you speak to that a little bit and what you know about Season 5?

Perabo: Well, it’s so funny because somebody said that to me the other day and I was like a huge bombshell? There’s like multiple bombshells at the end of the finale. I mean, to the point that I’m like oh my goodness. There’s so many bombshells at the end of the finale. It’s pretty exciting. And as far as I know, well, I certainly can’t tell any of them, but it does – it changes things both – they’re both negative and positive bombshells that go off at the end.

The fifth season of “Covert Affairs” begins this summer.

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