HBO and Showtime reign as the top premium channels. Both networks have produced some of the most talked about original TV shows over the past 10 years and have shown no signs of stopping as their original shows continue to dominate awards rosters year after year.

Sex and the City gave us an aspirational look into the sex, love, lives, and relationships of 30- somethings galavanting around the streets of Manhattan in their best Jimmy Choos, while Girls shows us a gritty, humorous, and sometimes uncomfortably realistic look inside of the lives of twenty-something girls trying to navigate the world. Weeds provided a captivating and often times addictive look into the Botwin family and made drug-dealing seem kind of, okay. Heading into its final season, viewers have watched and loved the sociopath serial killer Dexter for seven seasons.

Question is: while both channels have created great shows, which show is the best? Over the next few weeks we will be running polls on our Facebook page where you will get to decide which TV show is the best. Starting … now! Vote on our Facebook page and don’t forget to like us!

Premium TV Show Smackdown