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Priscilla Faia of Rookie Blue Says “Our Season Finale Is Epic”

Priscilla Faia Rookie Blue

Priscilla Faia is the latest cast member to join ABC’s hit show Rookie Blue. Faia plays Chloe Price, a lovable, funny, overbearing, and sometimes emotional character that fans instantly took a liking to. Faia said she loves Chloe so much and can’t believe she gets to play her on a daily basis.

Q: What is it like to walk onto a set after three seasons with pretty much all the same cast members. Is it intimidating, scary, nerve-wracking?

Faia: It’s everything. It’s so many different feelings altogether. It’s one of those situations where it’s like the first day of school. You have your backpack and you are excited, but you are nervous because you are not really sure how it’s going to be. You hope you are going to get along with everyone and you are going to be welcomed and I was, I really was. Everyone is like a big family, some of the crew has been working together for like 15 years. It’s wonderful, but it was scary.

Q: I have interviewed almost all the cast and I must admit, you are all a little crazy.

Faia: 1001%. It’s probably my favorite thing about the cast. Everyone is so strange but in the most wonderful way. Everyone is so individual and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone has their own world and it’s just awesome.

Q: Do you all hang out?

Faia: Yeah. The first three weeks I was on set, in the summer, everyone would get together and play soccer as a way to get back in it as a crew and get together.

Q: How did you get the role of Chloe?

Faia: It was a process. I put my audition on tape a month before I heard anything. So, by the time I got a call that they wanted to see me again I was confused as to what role it was because it had been so long…I was thrilled so I did this strange callback, it’s the new wave of the future. It was over Skype because they were in Toronto and I was in Vancouver. It was so odd. It was a ball in the middle of the room. I was speaking to it and they could see me, but I couldn’t see them. It was very futuristic and weird.

Q: What is it about Chloe that you love?

Faia: When I first read her, I was like this girl is crazy. Then I thought about it and said is she really crazy or is she one of those people that is not afraid to be herself and that’s where I found her quality that I could tap into. As a woman, not being afraid to express who you are is something that has taken me, as a human being, something to be comfortable with. So I really found that as her most admirable quality.

Q: I find her very refreshing. She is so super excited, heartwarming, funny. How do you do it?

Faia: Thank you, that’s so kind. We have an amazing writing team and it really blows my mind. We have 13 regular cast members and they have to write so many storylines. It’s like you feel like they are writing you…it’s cool how I am a new rookie on the show and in life. I got to grow with Chloe. She loves her job and she loves Dov. So it was really exciting for me to build these relationships with the cast members as Chloe and as myself. I am really happy it has come across as heartwarming.

Q: You come out, instantly part of the cast and then in two seconds you are naked in the bathroom having sex with Dov. What!!??

Faia: [laughs]. Yeah. It was, honestly, when its stuff like that I don’t think oh my god how am I going to do that. I am more like, oh my god, Chloe would totally do that. It’s not me, I never thought twice about that. It made sense to me so it didn’t even cross my mind. Greg [Smith] is so kind and is amazing to work with. was really funny because in that scene they had to switch our camera lenses and we were sitting there without shirts. So we ended up having a thumb war to make it less awkward. So, it was awesome.

Q: How has Chloe grown from the day we meet her to the season finale?

Faia: She really morphs. She comes in and says ‘this is me, this is whats happening’ and she throws everyone off. I think she starts to kind of get grounded. Even though she is still crazy, she keeps surprising people. She is growing into someone more solid.

Q: Can you give away anything for the finale?

Faia: That’s the great thing about going forward you never know what’s going to happen and our season finale is epic. I think there is going to be a lot of questions about everyone’s character because you don’t know where things are going to go.

Q: Oh no that sounds horrible for all of us fans…

Faia: [laughs] But that’s the thing, the writers do such a good job of keeping everyone on their toes. It’s so much better to sit down and watch what happens. All I could say is I think you are going to be blown away from by the writers and the crew on what they have done this season.

Q: Time for the Q&A about your castmates…

-Funniest? Matt Gordon

-Most serious? Lyriq Bent

– Who will prank you? Missy Peregrym

– First on set? Me

– First to laugh during a scene? Greg Smith

– On Set the longest? Matt Gordon

– Most Talkative? Missy Peregrym

-First to break out in dance? Charlotte Sullivan

– First to make fun of Peter Mooney’s name? Matt Gordon

Watch Priscilla Faia on the finale of Rookie Blue this Thursday at 10pm EST on ABC.

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