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Randy Flagler: “The ‘oh my gosh, I can’t believe that is happening’ stuff will continue.”

Randy Flagler is known for his work on “Men of Honor,”,”The Double” and can now be seen on “Chicago Fire” playing Capp, a lovable and loyal firefighter at Firehouse 51. Flagler said although his acting career didn’t spark overnight, he is overjoyed with his current role and said jaws will drop with the shows season finale.

Q: I wanted to know starting off how you go into acting to begin with.

Flagler: Ha, well that is really funny. I started off in the Corporate world working. However, there was always something about acting that I liked and I would find myself on the weekends surfing the Internet and I was always looking at what movies were being made, who was apart of them, and who was making them. I was like wow two, three hours would fly by and I was like that is fun and that is how my job should be because my job at the time just wasn’t fufilling. So I went out to LA and I started getting involved in commercials and such and that is where I got my happiness from instead.

Q: As an actor, what drives you to continually try to work and find your next project?

Flagler: I guess it’s chasing the dream to tell you the truth. I am a perfect example of that because before “Chicago Fire” came along I was out in LA for 14 years basically just doing the grind, which is sitting in traffic and going on numerous auditions and knowing that 9 out of 10 of them were going to be nos. It’s the little things that keeps you going. For some folks it does happen overnight, but for most of us it doesn’t and for me it didn’t. But, like I said it’s the little things like my first feature film called “Men of Honor” it was a good film and that happened the first year of being out in LA, but it was typical I knew a friend in a casting office and they needed someone last minute. I met with the director and he said I was perfect for. There were also a string of commericals I did and got to work with the same director over and over. So, I thought this acting thing is going to be easy, it was like false hope. But you have to pay your dues.

Q: Well, to go from smaller projects to then landing a role on “The Young and The Restless” must have been crazy.

Flagler: Oh yeah. Well, it was nice to be involved in such a big project. It was crazy to be on a show for a couple of episodes and get to play a character more than just once. That role opened a lot of doors for me and taught me a ton about acting and what I should be doing and what might not work. There is so much material that actors on that show have to learn in such a short period of time it’s pretty amazing. If you can work on a soap opera like that, then you can do anything. It was great.

Q: Then comes along “Chicago Fire.” How did that happen?

Flagler: It was an audition just like everything else. I think I showed up in a broken down car that was backfiring and met with Dick Wolf. We talked a little bit, I did the audition and went home, thinking nothing of it just like everything else. It was just another audition. About a month or so later a call came and said do you want to be apart of this and I was like absolutely. So I came to Chicago and we filmed the pilot in March of 2012 and then we got picked up and I moved to Chicago. I love Chicago. Playing a firefighter with this whole cast and crew has just been crazy and an amazing experience.

Q: This show seems to get better and better as the episodes and the characters develop. What can fans expect as the season continues to air?

Flagler: Obviously I can’t say too much, but I can say this the rest of the season we will not disappoint. The “oh my gosh I can’t believe that is happening” stuff will continue. I feel strongly about that because we are currently filming the finale of this season. I know that everyone is dealing with the death of the Jones character. Then we have a crossover with Chicago PD and then a Chicago Fire finale. I just watch the PD show like a fan I don’t read the scripts. So I enjoy it so much. I am just so pleased with these shows. It’s like the creators Dick Wolf created one world where our shows get to interact. But, this season of Chicago Fire is just going to keep getting crazier and crazier. Like I said I can’t really say too much, but I think the fans will be really excited.

Watch Randy Flagler on the next “Chicago Fire” on NBC, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST.

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