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‘Real World’ Exes Will Join The Cast Mates In Their House During The 29th Season


MTV is about to throw a wrench into the Real World fans have come to know. Since 1992, fans have watched as groups of strangers “picked to live in a house…work together and have their lives taped… stop being polite… and start getting real,” and for 28 seasons, the formula has been the same. However, for the upcoming 29th season, Real World: Ex-Plosion, MTV is making a major change.

Although the season starts out like any other, with seven cast members moving into a house together, things are a bit different in the home after they return from a day trip — their exes have moved into their home.

“When The Real World went on the air in ’92 you put seven diverse people together and you get conflict, and out of that conflict would come change, and then you have a story,” Jonathan Murray, co-creator of the series, reveals to Entertainment Weekly. “Now that it’s 21 years or so later, maybe we’re a bit of a victim of our own success. Diversity is a fact of life today. A lot of young people date people of different races, or have friends who are gay. The world has changed. We’ve had conversations [with the network] throughout 28 seasons of the show, but we’ve never made this big of a commitment to change.”

Bringing the Real World exes in is certainly a big risk, but with the show’s dwindling ratings, producers had to do something to keep their fans’ interest, as well as attract the attention of new viewers, so perhaps this is the perfect thing. After all, it’s a big change, but it won’t be all season long, so fans will be phased in to it, so to speak.

“Four weeks into the show, after some [housemates] started to develop new relationships, the exes come in — thus, Ex-Plosion,” Murray explains. “Then it got really complicated and really interesting. I’m still shocked we were able to pull it off.”

“We wanted to give our audience a fresh take on the series,” added Susanne Daniels, president of MTV’s programming. “We are excited about this season’s twists and unexpected turns.”

Although season 29’s airing of Real World exes edition will surely change the way the series is looked at, Murray claims the addition of the exes may not be permanent but rather one of many new formats for the show.

“We always approach it one season at a time. We will get this show on the air, see how people react and then decide,” he states. “We had probably 10 good ideas for the season. This was one. Maybe there will be another good idea for season 30.”

Real World exes is an interesting concept and after years of the cast mates hooking up among one another, things are bound to get even more juicy with hookups and feuds among the cast mates and one another’s exes. 

Production on Real World: Ex-Plosion began in August of this year, and is expected to air in 2014.

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