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Rookie Blue Star Ben Bass Talks Gives Us The Inside Scoop On Season 4

Ben Bass Rookie Blue The popular cop drama Rookie Blue returns for a fourth season on May 23. CableTV sat down with Ben Bass (who plays Sam) to discuss season three’s finale, where his character is going, and if Sam and Andy (Missy Peregrym) will reunite in season four. Q: A lot of fans were disappointed that Sam and Andy didn’t get together in the season three finale. How did you feel about it? BB: Well, I thought it was an interesting way to end things. What’s interesting for the writers is trying to figure out how far to push the audience without pushing them over the edge. In other words, there is this tension that is created by not having those two characters together and that can be really enjoyable and you can savor that. But then you could get to the point where people just go to crazy and get frustrated. I think the writers want to obviously stay on this side of that line, yet they want to maximize the potential for drawing the audience in and making them invested in that relationship and these characters. So, in that sense, I thought it was useful and maybe unexpected. Q: I thought it was unexpected. I thought that Andy was going to show up at the bar, but I was wrong. I was wrong and sad. BB: [Laughs] Oh, yeah. Well, everyone was. It was pretty sad. Q: I felt bad for Sam. I felt he had finally taken that huge step that everyone was waiting for, he declared his love and was ready for the house and the dog, and she doesn’t show up. BB: And she doesn’t show! [Laughs] Q: I know, so how did you think Sam took that? BB: Do you mean is he completely jaded? He is pretty jaded after that. I mean, well, I can’t really say anything about season four yet, but I think people are going to watch it and certain people are going to get why Sam made the changes we see that he has made. There is one particular thing that I have in mind, it’s an unconscious background thing for Sam. It’s something that he is not aware that’s going on for him, but as an actor playing a characte,r I can be completely aware of. I am starting to sound really convoluted now. What I mean is, I don’t want to give anything away, it’s hard to talk about it without giving something away. So I can’t talk too much about it. Q: You can just tell us, it’s fine. BB: I totally wish I could tell you, I just can’t. I think somebody is going to get it, if not a lot of people. It has to do with Andy McNally and the fact that he doesn’t seem to be able to have her, to be in a relationship with her. Does that make sense? It has to do with that problem. [Laughs] Q: I know you can’t talk too much about it, but where does season four start? How does it start? Is there a time jump? Where is Sam now? BB: There is [a time jump of] six months. I felt he was, at the end of season three, in pretty rough shape personally. Because of everything that has happened, not being with Andy, and screwing that up, it’s just killing him. So, where he is at in season four [is] six months later and [Andy has gone] off. It’s adapt or die essentially. That’s the type of guy he is. He is going to buck up and get himself together and get on with his life. Even if that means being in a certain amount of denial. So that’s what he is going to do. He is in better shape, he is leaner, and he is just trying to figure it out, get it together, get on with it, and get past the fact that [Andy has gone] undercover for God knows how long. I think he is damaged, but he is trying to make a go of it. Q: Do you do anything as an actor to try to prepare for something like that? I am sure over the course of three seasons you are geared towards Sam and Andy getting together. As an actor, do you prep when something like that gets taken away and now you are playing a damaged, slightly different character? BB: Well, yes is the answer to that question… As an actor, you are sort of always prepping. If you like what you do and you are passionate about it, it’s like anything—like an astrophysicist. He is always thinking about the stars and about physics problems. He can’t not do it. So you are thinking “what if?” I can’t talk about astrophysics so I shouldn’t compare it to myself. [Laughs] It’s more like as an actor you are always feeding off of things you observe, films you see. I think about what was done in terms of stories in the show. Where it’s going… In that sense the preparation that I do is background preparation, it’s imaginary preparation. You draw from your own experience, your life experience. Want to hear the full interview with Ben Bass from Rookie Blue? Click below to hear how he feels about his character if Sam and Andy are going to kiss this season, and responses to fan questions.

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