Peter Mooney Rookie Blue

Canadian actor Peter Mooney discusses his role as new cop Nick Collins on Rookie Blue in an exclusive CableTV interview.

Q: What was your take on the season three finale, with Nick deciding to go undercover?

Mooney: Dun, dun, dun. I have to say, in Nick’s defense, he thought Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) was going to France. So, its not like he totally took off. In that scene, it’s very subtle. I think the writers did a very good job with Nick and Gail going through the files. It’s a very subtle kind of goodbye that happens in that scene because, at that point, he has already decided to go. So as an actor, it was really exciting for me because it left so much open for coming back in season four and what that story line would be.

Q: Were you surprised that a lot of fans were kind of disappointed with the finale, or sad now thinking Nick and Gail might be broken up for season four?

Mooney: No, I love that. It’s the biggest compliment to me when people get involved in the show. When people are rooting for something or are heartbroken, or they really want people to work out. I love that kind of involvement. We pick up season four six months later, at the tail end of the undercover operation. At the end of the episode we are heading back to 15 Division, so there is going to be some Nick and Gail drama unfolding pretty quickly.

Q: How was it for you joining the cast later in the series?

Mooney: It was daunting coming in, but from the first minute it felt super natural. The cast is amazing and everyone was so welcoming. I have since become really good friends with the cast. It didn’t feel closed off, it felt super open and welcoming. It was really, really easy. You probably get some variation of the answer from actors a lot, but I bet they’re lying a lot of the time. [Laughs] I could say honestly that was the experience, everyone was just amazing coming on.

Q: What’s the relationship between Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Nick for season four?

Mooney: Well, when we come back, they have spent these six months together. They become really, really close friends. They have been living and posing as a couple. They have been in really close quarters, completely closed off from everyone else. They have become extremely close. So, that highlights things and complicates things in a whole other way. It’s not super straightforward coming back to 15 Division.

Q: Obviously viewers don’t know what’s going to happen, but they sense that Andy and Sam (Ben Bass) are going to get together and Nick and Gail are going to get together. How does it feel as an actor to be heading towards that, but then have it switched up like in the season three finale?

Mooney: That’s such a good question. For me, that’s a really specific thing that I love about working on this show. The way you prepare is that you constantly have to stay open and flexible. The writers are great and they are very open and maintain a dialogue with us and we go back and forth. There are constant challenges and new things for us and our characters. As the season goes on, we sometimes get the scripts a day or two before we start the episode. So we are experiencing filming the show not all that differently from the way the audience is experiencing watching it. There are twists and turns and surprises for us. It’s great as an actor, it’s an amazing and really fortunate thing to stay alive and have to be responsive to that. Because you don’t really know. There is an idea of what the arc might contain, but within that there’s a lot of surprises and things none of us would have seen coming. I don’t know if you remember the episode where Gail gets kidnapped, but even we were all playing detective on that. We were all trying to solve it.

Listen below as Peter Mooney talks more about episodes, who is the funniest on set, and Rookie Blue fans.

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