It all started with a little announcement made by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress back in February. The entertainment giant announced it would be introducing a brand new television called TV Discovery that would help audience members view and enjoy video and live TV content.

The new smart television will allow users to receive personalized recommendations on what to watch, search across multiple content providers, connect to all major media devices using one remote, and share content and comments on social networks.

“TV Discovery lets you search and watch content from across our provider partners, whether within your preferred subscriptions or on demand,” said Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, President and Head of Media Solution Center in a press release.

One major feature that sets the new TV Discovery apart from anything else on the market is the ability for users to use the platform on multiple devices. When loaded on a tablet or smartphone, users can stream content from their televisions to the device and vice versa.

The new service will take advantage of the big streaming providers, such as Netflix and Blockbuster in the U.S. and MovieMax with other similar streaming providers internationally, making sure there is something for everyone.

Hong said it’s all about the consumer, adding that Samsung’s 2013 goal is to make smart televisions with the most functions as easy and user-friendly as possible.

“The service also features personalized recommendation technology that enables consumers to ‘teach’ the service their own personal preferences. The more you engage with the service, the more relevant the returned recommendations for TV, movies, and other on-demand entertainment. It could not be simpler,” said Hong.

To prove his point, Samsung already released the TV Discovery app, designed to help you search for shows and movies, learn about them with just once click, and then choose the provider you want to stream the content from.

This app will go hand-in-hand with your new television set, allowing you to watch content on the phone, on your tablet, or on your television. You will never have to leave the house again because all of the content you could possibly want will be right at your fingertips!

Although the app is available for free download, TV Discovery won’t launch until some time later this year in the United States. After the U.S. launch, gadget lovers can expect to see the device in Korea and at least 14 European countries next, with a global release to follow.