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Scheana Marie Gives “Vanderpump Rules” Reunion Details in Exclusive Interview

Scheana Marie

“Vanderpump Rules” on Bravo is just finishing up its explosive second season, which was full of drama and tears. Next up is a two part reunion special that will let fans in on how things are now. CableTV got the chance to talk to Scheana Marie this week on the phone about how it all goes down.

Of course she isn’t allowed to share many spoilers, but she did reveal a few things that are pretty interesting. Scheana has been in full on wedding planning mode recently and is doing great with her fiance, Mike Shay. She said “Mike makes a small cameo at the end of the reunion show.” Of course all of the main cast members were there for the entire thing.

The show wrapped up filming in August but this reunion show just filmed at the end of January. There were a lot of hurt feelings and things that had to be discussed still.

Scheana Marie said “The updates you see on the reunion are updates to how we are living our lives now.” She is still working at SUR and happy with her fiance. She even teased that a wedding special about the couple would be boring because they don’t have drama. “All you would see is us sitting at home on the couch working on save the date cards. There would be no drama and that is boring.”

Bravo cameras are invited to film though if they want to come. She is also sending an invitation to Stassi Schroeder even though she did share that Stassi will no longer be a bridesmaid. “Stassi was not asked to not be a bridesmaid, but instead was told she was no longer in the wedding.”

They now live totally separate lives since Stassi is in New York and not working at SUR anymore. They hadn’t even talked since August until they met up again at the filming of the reunion.

When it was time to film the reunion show for “Vanderpump Rules,” the stars had to plan on being there for the entire day. Between hair, makeup, and filming it was a twelve hour day and about ten hours of that was filming the show. This was emotionally draining for all of them. Scheana revealed that she ends up stuck right in the middle of a lot of the drama and that of course is not where she wanted to be.

After the two part reunion show airs, there will be one more episodes of “Vanderpump Rules” season two. This final episode is an unseen footage episode that also shares a few little interviews of the cast. It is one that you will not want to miss. There is no official word on season three, but if it happens she wants to be a part of the cast without a doubt. When asked about being on season three, she said “absolutely.” It has not been canceled or renewed yet at this time.

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