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Scott Disick: Wild One or Family Man?

Scott Disick has a third child on the way, but unfortunately, he isn’t acting like family man. A source claimed Disick was “out-of-sorts” during an August appearance at the Foxwoods Resort Casino’s Liquid Sundays. In an interview with “In Touch Weekly,” the source said Disick was “blackout drunk” the night before his appearance and “exhausted and rough” the next day. Weeks later, Kourtney Kardashian left town without Disick for a short vacation with their two kids, Mason and Penelope. Kardashian “looked very happy, and didn’t seem to mind that Scott wasn’t there,” a source told Radar Online. “In fact, Kourtney was relieved Scott didn’t come, because all they have been doing recently is [fighting] over his late night partying.” Disick’s Downward Spiral In October 2013, Disick lost his mother, Bonnie, and then his father, Jeff, passed away three months later. “Scott’s response to his dad dying is very weird,” a source told “Life & Style.” “He doesn’t acknowledge any of it. He’ll just say, ‘What are we doing tonight? Let’s get wasted.’” The source added Kardashian and her family were “afraid” Disick was going down a “dangerous path” and hoped he would agree to get treatment for his issues. Disick’s Bad Behavior Continues In May, Disick was reportedly “sloshed” while on vacation in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo. One month later, Disick moved into a hotel in The Hamptons after what was called an “epic fight” with Kardashian over Disick’s boozy behavior during a trip to NYC’s Up & Down nightclub. Days later, Disick was partying again, this time at South Hampton’s 1 Oak nightclub, where he was “pretty wasted.” Disick’s Boozing Takes A Serious Turn On June 23 at 1:03 a.m., Disick was taken to the Southampton Hospital. During his visit, he allegedly admitted to taking prescription medication, although it is unclear whether or not it was prescribed to him. Two days later, Kardashian confronted Disick with an ultimatum: Either clean up your act or get lost – for good. “Hours before they were supposed to enjoy a Father’s Day brunch, Kourtney ordered him to leave and not come back until he was ready to commit fully to their family,” a source told Radar. “Kourtney is prepared to give Scott his permanent walking papers unless he curtails his boozing and flirting with other women.” For the next several weeks, Disick kept his partying to a minimum and spent quality time with the family. “Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons” Trailer Released The trailer for “Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons” was released earlier this month. In the short clip, Disick was seen in the hospital. The events leading up to his hospitalization were shown, as well, and included several bottles of booze and pill bottles. At the hospital, Disick was told “the combination of drugs is not a good thing” and that he needs to “let them wear their way out” of his system.