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South Park Skewers Cable Companies

South Park Cable Companies

South Park continued their promised rampage this week by taking on Mr. Pitt’s near summer flop and a little big man named Zimmerman. Last week’s episode, however, was devoted to something we talk about quite a bit here in our neck of the web woods: big cable companies.

In “Informative Murder Porn,” the parents of South Park are infatuated by overly violent spousal murder reenactments on cable TV. Their kids fearfully put parental locks on the channels, so the parents head over to the Get Cable company. Much to Randy’s dismay, he finds out they’re the only gig in town (and their swirly logo may seem a tad familiar).

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The parental blocks can be removed as long as Randy has a technician switch out his cablebox… but he must be home from 6 a. m. to 3 p. m. for the entire month of November. The kids later try to drop channels from their cable bundles, but it’s impossible because of the company’s packaging. At episode’s end, a message from The President of Your Local Cable Company reveals that the customer is a little less than always right. As the crown jewel of the episode, all the cable workers have a sexual affectation that’s a little too NSFW to print here. Check out episode clips and you will not be disappointed.

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The episode’s gags are a spoof of Time Warner Cable’s scandalous drop of CBS and Showtime over the summer when negotiations failed regarding retransmission fees. You may have spotted the South Park employee’s shirt sporting “Time Warner Cable” stitching for a few misplaced frames. But the jokes don’t need to be at TWC’s expense alone: overpriced bundles have been bogus for as long as Cartman’s been big-boned. 

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We share South Park’s pain–and we’re sure you do too. Buying cable doesn’t need to be so painful. It’s true that there’s only one provider in your area, but CableTV beleieves their packages should be advertised clearly and honestly. Some bundles may be screwy, but we’ll help you pick the one that’s perfect for getting you the shows you love.

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We want quality programming, the sort of shows that cable provides (for example…oh…South Park). But we shouldn’t have to be at a corporation’s mercy. Online streaming and digital downloads are nice safeguards, but we should demand our money’s worth for the content we are loyal to. That’s where South Park hits it right on the head.

Oh, and #boowendy.

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