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The Star Wars Movie Marathon: and the winner is…

Star Wars Movie Marathon winner

We received nearly as many applications as there are stars in the sky . . . okay, not quite that many. But we did get close to 10,000 submissions before finally finding the Chosen One.

Our lucky winner is Aaron Fullan, a Jedi-level superfan to willing to take on the Star Wars Movie Marathon dream job and watch over 22 hours of lightsaber-swinging, hyperdrive-flying, and clone-fighting action.

You can check up on Aaron’s journey through the Star Wars saga as he documents it on his Facebook, and be sure to catch up with us on our blog after the world premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to see the full recap of his binge extravanganza.

Thanks to those of you who applied for the Star Wars Movie Marathon. Don’t forget to follow-up in the new year as we unveil new, epic bingeing opportunities!