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Friends of the Force: Star Wars Fans Also Love these Fandoms

After a successful Star Wars Movie Marathon contest, we were curious about what other franchises Star Wars fans loved. Turns out, there are quite a few.

We pored over the data from our contest’s Star Wars survey results and turned all of it into a fun visual tool that will help you see which fan bases overlap.

Where Star Wars fans overlap with other franchises

Based on a Star Wars survey with 8,757 respondents.

You can hover over each connection to see how many mutual users each fandom shares. And when you click a connection, it will stay highlighted. You can also try clicking a franchise’s bar to see how many shared fans it has across all connections.

Remember: Each of these started with a Star Wars connection, so you can thank the Force for bringing all kinds of different dorks together.

Star Wars fans don’t fly solo

While some folks might be obsessed purely with Star Wars, it’s more likely that they love other space- or fantasy-based sagas and series as well.

Based on our Star Wars survey, most respondents liked at least one other major franchise; only 21.5% of respondents said they watched only Star Wars.

Fantasy fandoms come in fours

We also learned that the average number of fandoms people are willing to admit they’re part of is four. That means if you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s also very likely that you’re a fan of at least three other fantasy series. So, which other series are the most popular with Star Wars fans?

% of Star Wars fans that also watch . . .

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FandomPercentage Overlap
Harry Potter55.70%
Lord of the Rings51.30%
DC Comics46.10%
Game of Thrones41.30%
Star Trek25.80%

Most Star Wars fans are also all about Marvel: nearly 78% of our survey respondents claimed love for both. At almost 65%, Disney took second place for the largest shared audience with Star Wars.

In fact, 73% of our Star Wars survey respondents liked all three of those franchises (Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney). If these folks don’t know about Disney+, it’s an excellent time to get educated.

Swords aren’t much different than sabers

Both Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones fan bases have a decent overlap with Star Wars. While arrows and blasters might not be the same thing, we can see a fair amount of sword slingers being lightsaber enthusiasts too.

But Trekkies can stay home

We can confirm Star Trek and Star Wars fans aren’t quite the same: only 26% of respondents are fans of both series, which is low compared to the others mentioned.

Some say Star Trek is a lot more sci-fi, whereas Star Wars is more fantasy. We get it: there’s a difference between a geek and a nerd, and while they’re not mutually exclusive, the overlap isn’t huge either.

Most shared fans outside of Star Wars

Beyond Star Wars, we wanted to see which fandoms included in our survey overlapped the most. Which alliances are most likely to form amongst the other fandoms?

Comic book nerds, unite!

With a total of 95% shared fans, DC Comics and Marvel had the most shared fans outside of Star Wars in our survey. Essentially, what we’ve proven here is that the whole DC vs. Marvel thing really only plays out in extremes on Twitter and other internet forums.

It looks like most superhero fans are down to drop their brand alliances in favor of action-packed glory.

Disney’s looking Marvel-ous

The Disney and Marvel fan bases should expect to stay really cozy together for quite a while. With a shared fan base of 88%, it’s no big surprise that Disney acquired the Marvel franchise and looped it into their Disney+ service (along with Nat Geo, Pixar, and Star Wars).

Which fandoms do you feel got left out?

We’re curious to see how many franchises a single fan can handle, and what other exciting combinations of overlapping fans we might find.

Like, what if there’s an army of KISS fans who are also Star Wars fans, and they’re just waiting for the ultimate intergalactic rock ‘n’ roll crossover? And if not KISS, can we get Donny and Marie on board with a singing space special?

And for all you fans, let us know in the comments which fan bases you’ve sworn allegiance to or which ones you’d never think would overlap—even in a galaxy far, far away.


We created this visual data tool based on the survey included in our movie marathon contest. The included survey had 8,757 respondents who provided information about other major franchises they are interested in.

This survey was conducted by and is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with the properties listed above or their affiliates.