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Your State’s Favorite Food/Cooking Show (Map)

What foodie fare does your state love to binge-watch? Let’s find out.

Craving a little foodie TV? You’re not alone. The entire nation has a taste for shows that cook up all manner of fare from the sweet and savory to the strange and scientific. Come take a culinary tour of America that shows the true flavors of each state with our map of favorite food shows. We ascertained each state’s favorite indulgence by analyzing the top 100 food and cooking shows and cross-referencing it with data from Google Trends from the past year. Our team stirred the numbers, baked them at 350, and pulled out a range of delicious data on all things foodie, state by state.


Top Show

Alabama Food Fighters
Alaska Cutthroat Kitchen
Arizona Bar Rescue
Arkansas Top Chef Masters
California Made in Spain
Colorado Emeril Green
Connecticut Barefoot Contessa
Delaware Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
District of Columbia DC Cupcakes
Florida Top Secret Recipe
Georgia Food Detectives
Hawaii Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
Idaho Next Great Baker
Illinois Mexico: One Plate At A Time
Indiana Unwrapped
Iowa Martha Bakes
Kansas My Kitchen Rules
Kentucky Unwrapped
Louisiana Emeril Live
Maine Kitchen Nightmares
Maryland Spain … On the Road Again
Massachusetts America’s Test Kitchen
Michigan The F Word
Minnesota Hell’s Kitchen
Mississippi 30 Minute Meals
Missouri Cook Yourself Thin
Montana The Wild Within
Nebraska BBQ Pitmasters
Nevada Man v. Food
New Hampshire The Chew
New Jersey Cake Boss
New Mexico Giada at Home
New York Baking with Julia
North Carolina Martha Bakes
North Dakota The Next Iron Chef
Ohio The F Word
Oklahoma The Pioneer Woman
Oregon Come Dine with Me
Pennsylvania Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
Rhode Island America’s Test Kitchen
South Carolina The Next Food Network Star
South Dakota Chopped
Tennessee The Next Food Network Star
Texas Top Secret Recipe
Utah Cupcake Wars
Vermont Ace of Cakes
Virginia The F Word
Washington The Layover
West Virginia Hotel Hell
Wisconsin Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World
Wyoming Worst Cooks in America

Taste of Home

You’ll notice that folks love to serve up a side of TV that reflects their hometown. Whether it’s because we enjoy hearing homespun accents or seeing places we recognize, it’s obvious many states have a taste for the familiar:
  • Connecticut natives adore Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten, who whips up meals for her husband Jeffrey in their house in the Hamptons.
  • Louisianans welcome Cajun cuisine with a kick from their hometown hero, Emeril Lagasse, who hosted Emeril Live.
  • Locals in Massachusetts and Rhode Island both prefer fare whipped up in America’s Test Kitchen, filmed just outside of Boston.
  • District of Columbia residents satisfy their sweet tooths by watching DC Cupcakes, starring sisters from Georgetown.
  • New Jersey faithfuls bake it like a boss with Buddy Valastro, a New Jersey native who hosts the reality show Cake Boss.
  • Folks in Indiana devour facts about junk food on Unwrapped, hosted by native Hoosier Marc Summers.

Regional Flavor

Some regions of the United States lean toward certain types of cuisine when it comes to their favorite cooking shows. These states have viewing habits that partner together to create regional trends of foodie flavor.

The Mountainous West

Idaho and Utah have a sweet tooth that can only be satisfied by the Next Great Baker and Cupcake Wars.

The Gulf Coast

Florida and Texas like to mimic each other with Top Secret Recipes, a show that cooks up copycat recipes from some of our favorite restaurant eats.

North Atlantic

Maine and Pennsylvania are caught in Kitchen Nightmares together, where chef Gordon Ramsay presides over a reality shows designed to rescue failing restaurants.

The Midwest

Kentucky and Indiana like to chow down on the facts behind junk food on Unwrapped, a show that blends science, food, and an unbearable craving for French fries.

The South

South Carolina and Tennessee are obsessed with discovering the next Food Network Star, a reality show that has put forth icons of future foodie fame like Guy Fieri and Nathan Lyon.

Cooking up a Cliché

A few states have definitely crossed into stereotype territory with their favorite TV fodder. Cooking TV in these locales seems to sum up a regional cliché:
  • Alaskans’ taste for Cutthroat Kitchen reminds us that in the wilderness, it’s all about survival of the fittest.
  • Circle up the wagons round the TV! Oklahoma locals get folksy flavor with The Pioneer Woman.
  • Montanans have discovered a craving for The Wild Within that mirrors the wide, open spaces of this home state.
  • Locals in California’s wine country gets inspiration from the wine, travel and tapas featured on Made in Spain.
  • Missouri is one of the top 10 states for obesity in America, so it’s no surprise residents there are binging on Cook Yourself Thin.
  • Does Wyoming have the Worst Cooks in America? Several major publications agree the state is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality cuisine.
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