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Your State’s Favorite Will Ferrell Movie

We all know who Will Ferrell is. Whether we know him as the doe-eyed Buddy the Elf or as the overzealous band member who needs “more cowbell,” it’s easy to like him—and his work.

But which of his films do we like most?

He’s “kind of a big deal.”

In honor of Ferrell’s fifty-first birthday on July 16, we found every state’s favorite Will Ferrell movie. Step Brothers, Old School, and Zoolander were among some of the classic favorites that made the cut, while other favorites surprised us.

The results? “Mind-bottling.”

  • Alabama likes The Campaign, which shouldn’t be a surprise since the film follows a Republican campaign. Alabama is historically a Republican state, so it makes sense why this movie hits home for them.
  • Blades of Glory, the story of two male figure skaters, scores big in Idaho and Vermont. Both these states are big on winter sports and offer some of the best skiing in the country. Also, Idaho loves Jon Heder—Ferrell’s counterpart in the movie—who first achieved local fame from his role in the Idaho-based movie Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Utah and Texas—states both known for being conservative and family oriented—favored Ferrell’s lighter, animated works like The Lego Movie and Megamind. For states as kid friendly as they are, we don’t blame them. (Some of Ferrell’s work is a little PG-13.)
  • New York is one of the world’s four fashion capitals, so it’s a no-brainer the Big Apple likes Zoolander: the story of a dim-witted-but-well-meaning model trying to make it big on the runway.
  • Wedding Crashers features a political bigwig’s wedding set in Maryland—the home to many of DC’s socialites—so it’s all too appropriate that it’s Maryland’s favorite. It’s also Virginia’s favorite, a state equally close to the political scene in DC.
  • Washington and Oregon, some of the first states to legalize recreational Marijuana, opted for Stranger Than Fiction as their favorite. This film, which hilariously portrays Ferrell’s character hearing a voice in his head, speaks to the topic of hallucinations, a common side effect of drug use.


No matter the favorites, all Ferrell’s films are timeless. And while there’s still debate over which is the funniest, one thing’s for certain: “if you ain’t first, you’re last.”

Rate your state’s favorite.

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We gathered the data by cross-referencing lists found on IMDB and The Rolling Stone with Google Trends data.

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