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Stephanie Szostak Shares Details on Her “Satisfaction” Character and Hopes for the Audience

Satisfaction - Season 1 Stephanie Szostak plays Grace Truman in the upcoming USA drama, “Satisfaction.” Grace seems to have it all, including the perfect husband and daughter and idealistic home. But even with all this, she isn’t happy. Grace needs more and, on a night out with her girlfriends, she finds it with a male escort. After hiring the man to sleep with her, Grace gets her groove back and begins exploring a new lifestyle, both with her escort and in her career. Szostak dished about her character and revealed her hopes for those tuning in at home. “I wouldn’t call it a midlife crisis because I think that implies, ‘Oh I’m getting older and I’m afraid of getting older and I want to hold on to what I had when I was younger,’” Szostak said. “I think it’s more of an awakening. It’s that stage where, especially women, can be … You’re devoted, you’re a mother, you’re a wife and all of the sudden you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, who am I?’ That’s where she’s at and it’s amazing to get the chance to play that and see the catalyst for her to get this freedom back.” Grace put her career on hold after having her first child, Anika. Despite having a scholarship to study in Florence, Italy, Grace wanted to focus on being a mother, but once her daughter began doing her own thing, Grace wanted her freedom too. In addition to hiring a man to have sex with her, Grace began applying for work in hopes of making her design dreams come true. “Work is a great chance for her to have something of her own and feel alive and free – amongst other things,” Szostak said. ”There’s also an awakening sexually, I think, which starts it all. It’s not like she looked for it, but she happens to meet this male escort and I think that was the trigger.” Throughout the series, fans will see how Grace and her husband, Neil Truman (Matt Passmore), attempt to protect each other by keeping their secrets to themselves and ultimately miss several opportunities to connect. Szostak said she’d like to see people open up to one other more. Instead of saying, “We’re fine, everything is great,” Szostak hopes couples will put their feelings out there and communicate to the fullest. “If the show can trigger those conversations with people, that would be great,” she said. As for her character’s persona, Szostak said she’s okay with her not being likable. “It’s the death of a character when you try to be likable,” Szostak said. ”You really have to understand your character and she’s not thinking, ‘Am I likable,’ she’s just going through her journey and she has a lot of pain.” “Satisfaction” premieres on July 17 on USA.
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