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“Sunday Brunch The Series” Creators Talked With Us and You Are Going To Love Them

Three ladies sit down for brunch and order bottomless mimosas. For some, like myself, this is just Sunday morning (and Saturday too, on those lucky weekends). For Nicola Graham, Sara Lohman and Kelsey Law, this is the base of their recently funded, future hit web series, “Sunday Brunch The Series.” Last week we named “Sunday Brunch” as one of the Kickstarter web-series we are dying to see. Since publishing that post, “Sunday Brunch The Series” has superseded their funding goal and the series is underway. “Sunday Brunch The Series” brings a fun, comedic look into the lives of 30 something’s figuring out this whole life thing one mistake at a time. I would imagine Mindy Kaling, pre-fame, back in her Matt Damon days, being a part of this brunch crew. The ladies behind the series chatted with us via Twitter this morning and my enthusiasm to see this series into fruition now rivals the giddy eagerness with which I usual hold only for my own Sunday Brunch plans. The Idea Many have good ideas, but it’s those who act on them that see results. Nicola Graham and Kelsey would sit together with drinks in hand coming up show ideas and drew inspiration about their character from their own lives. “We also talked how ppl (sic) back home always say where we ‘should’ be in our lives. [Sara Lohman] had the great idea to do [it] over Sunday brunch,” says Nicola Graham.  The ladies then pulled their ideas together, into brunch cocktails and gossip.   In talking with Graham, Lohman and Law, it’s clear these women are friends beyond their web series, giving this show a realistic, down to earth feel. When asked about their relationships with one another, all ladies had nothing but kind words to say about each other. When talking about dream guest stars they want to have on “Sunday Brunch,” the overall consensus was Mindy Kaling, but each of them had some additional solid choices. It felt only right to use Twitter as the platform to chat with the “Sunday Brunch” crew, as social media has played an integral role in their funding success. When asked about just how important social media has been, the ladies talked less about the networks and more about how using social has reconnected them with old friends who jumped on board and enthusiastically supported the project. The enthusiasm the “Sunday Brunch” creators have when talking about their series is overwhelming enough that it may seem as though creating a web series is but a walk in the park. However, when posed with answering what they find difficult about creating a web series, their main concern was being able to provide enough character depth and show quality within budget.   Season one of “Sunday Brunch” will start shooting in a month and the creators will be taking it from there. You still have time to pitch in and help the series on their Kickstarter page. Find Emiah on Google+

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