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Syfy’s New Ghost Hunters Make “Killer Contact”: Interview with Austin Cook

Killer Contact - Season 1

Tonight, Syfy is debuting a new series, Killer Contact,which was created by the producers of Ghost Huntersand is a whole new breed of ghost hunting show. “Point Man” Austin Cook took some time to chat with CableTV about the new series and his team, plus the bad villains they chase on the other side.

Q: I’ve seen the first two episodes of the show and because it is from the same producers as Ghost Hunters, I was expecting the same vibe and the same approach, but you guys are definitely different. Can you tell me how you differ from that show particularly and some of the other paranormal shows out there?

A: Absolutely. First off, this seems like a much more high-energy show. We’re basically a rapid response team that goes to the stomping grounds of the most notoriously evil people in history … For some reason there’s all this paranormal activity happening to these witnesses and they really do believe it’s tied into the specific locations. It’s a lot more dangerous, I guess you could say. We’re not just going into these locations to check and see if it’s haunted. We already know it could be off of the witnesses’ claims. I mean, these are some of the most evil people in history, like Jack the Ripper. There are so many questions tied to each particular case. For instance, Jack the Ripper. We still don’t know who that was … he was never caught. Vlad the Impaler. That’s another one we go to. We literally drop everything and go to these locations within a couple weeks of this activity happening. It’s incredibly dangerous, everything from the people that actually were murdered there to the terrain, and we don’t hold anything back, either. That’s another difference between us and a lot of the other paranormal shows. A lot of people are against provoking, [but] we’re not going there to play nice. I mean we literally have someone on the team to antagonize, and I do the same thing. We go in and say, hey, we’re here to get answers and we do whatever it takes to get those answers.

Q: Because Greg’s job title is actually “The Antagonizer,” right?

A: Absolutely. That kind of speaks for itself there. It’s a tactic that a lot of paranormal investigators don’t like to deal with, but again these are people who are just some of the most malicious people who ever walked the face of the planet, so why on earth are we going to be nice to them? We do take a nice approach at times, because who’s to say these aren’t the victims looking for some sort of justice? And that’s where Adam with his research comes in, and Molly with her role playing does whatever she can with taking a sweeter approach. But if we’re not getting answers, and/or we think this spirit has some malicious intent, that’s when we send Greg in.

Q: It’s seems like the action is non-stop throughout the show. Are your results really that good or is that the editing of the show distilling it down to just the very best moments?

A: That’s a great question. I literally went to bed every single night after investigations thinking to myself … First of all, how will they edit it down to just a one hour show, and secondly, did that just really happen? Some of the things just shook me to the core.

Q: Well you aren’t exactly chasing Casper, you know? You’re going after Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler …

A: The Borgias, the Mayans, General Silva-Renard …

Q: Has the team worked together for a while or did you just come together for the show?

A: We came together for the show. What happened was though various outlets, [the producers] hunted down the exact team they were hunting for. They didn’t want a team that had already been working together, they wanted the all-stars from each team … I met the crew at the airport when we were leaving to go to Europe. The cast, it’s amazing not only how well we gelled, but we’re all seriously still best friends. We talk on a daily basis, we text, we chat … For however long this happens, I think that we have an eternal lifelong bond from here on out.

Q: Is there one episode in particular that was your favorite to film, that really has the most mind-blowing evidence?

A: That’s a tough one. Vlad still shakes me to my core … that’s the one I always wake up sweating to. The Mayan ruins we went to, some unexplainable stuff happened there. There’s only six episodes, but I’m about to say four. Jack the Ripper, probably the best EVP I ever caught in my life. And an experience that I still cannot explain to this day happened in Dublin at the Hellfire Club. This one left everyone baffled. And Greg was scared out of his mind, too.

Q: You’re the Point Man, Molly is the Role Player, Adam is the Brain, Hector is the Tech Guy, Greg is the Antagonist … it’s sort of like a paranormal Breakfast Club?

A: There you go. It’s definitely the paranormal Breakfast Club.

Q: If everything works out and they renew, what are some dream investigations you’d like to do in the future?

A: Hitler, but I don’t know what place he would be manifesting … that would be the top of my list right now. Also, the suicide forest in Japan and Pearl Harbor.

Cook and his team (researcher Adam Leidenfrost, ghost interrogator Greg Niecestro, tech guru Hector Barragan and role player Molly O’Connolly) debut their six episode run of Killer Contact tonight on Syfy, with the other five episodes airing on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for the following two weeks. The final night features the last two episodes.

Do you think paranormal shows are real, and if so, do you think you can find the ghosts of notorious serial killers?

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