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Taryn Manning: OITNB — “I will be coming back for season two”

Taryn Manning OITNB

Actress Taryn Manning, known for her roles in Crazy/Beautiful, Crossroads and 8 Mile, shares exclusive information about her career and what is was like being apart of Netflix’s successful, Orange is The New Black.

Q: Do people recognize you when you take the subway?

Manning: Now it’s kind of intense, like I used to be able to blend in pretty well and get away with stuff. Then if they do recognize you, you hope they keep their voice low so no one else hears them.

Q: How did you get into acting?

Manning: It’s kind of a long story, but basically I grew up as a dancer, doing ballet and jazz, and a couple of the girls in my ballet class went to acting classes on Wednesday nights, and I could always hear them talking about it, so I told my mom I had to go to acting class too. It was out of like competiveness, and then I got like really into it, and it became the love of my life. 

Q: Reflecting on your past work, how does it feel to know that you are always working, movie after movie?

Manning: I appreciate that, and one thing that my goal is to do, and it’s going to sound so corny, but it is to stop to appreciate all of my hard work. You’ll beat yourself up in life over something really stupid, or having to do with work, and you fail to actually see everything you have done, maybe because you’re not where you want to be or whatever. I’m like super proud.

Q: How does it feel to know that people still go back and watch movies from a decade ago that you are in? To know that fans still remember your character?

Manning: Honestly, that’s probably like the best part. Like in Crossroads, how many people are re-watching it, just watched it, going to watch it again, how much they love me Britney and Zoey; people are always tweeting me about Crossroads

Q: Do you find it difficult switching from different roles?

Manning: It’s so funny, a lot of people claim I play the same type of characters a lot. There’s been times in the past where its been maybe a little too quickly bouncing between films, perhaps like last year when I was playing in Sons of Anarchy, I wasn’t able to put myself on tape for pilot season. That was the first time in my career that I could not even put myself on tape as another character.

Q: How did you get the role of Tiffany in Orange is the New Black?

Manning: I really don’t know how the part fell into my lap. Apparently they had several auditions for the character. I got a script one day and I read it, and basically had two days to decide, so my manager was like, “you got this offer, I don’t know how you’re going to feel, and it’s definitely different beware.” So I read it and I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

Q: I thought I was going to watch like one episode and the next thing I knew a day of my life was gone and I watched all of the episodes.

Manning: [Laughs]

Q: Did you find that a lot of fans jumped onto it right away? Are you surprised?

Manning: Yeah, totally. You never know when something is going to be successful or not. So, I had no idea that this was going to happen. 

Q: What can you tell me about season 2? I know they kind of keep that under lock and key…

Manning: Well, there is not much I can really say. I can say that I will be back for season two. There are some new people that you are going to meet and some new problems. But, I am really not allowed to say too much more.

Q: Do you know when it’s coming back on?

Manning: No idea. I think sometime next year.

Watch Taryn Manning in Season One of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black now and stay tuned for season two next year. 

Photo credit: Jill Greenberg for Netflix

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