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The 5 Best “The Walking Dead” Moments From Comic-Con

Season_5 Fans of “The Walking Dead” who made it to San Diego Comic Con were privy to a real treat. The show about corpse resurrection fed their obsession by bringing the zombie infection to the gathering of the geeks in a really big way. The AMC series really won Comic Con with its cannibal cookout, terrific new trailer, and epic cast interviews. If you couldn’t make it to the Con, don’t worry; you can read about some of the most memorable “The Walking Dead” moments right here. 1. The Zombiecue In honor of the survivors’ arrival at the Terminus death trap, “The Walking Dead” held a macabre cookout at Comic Con and dubbed it “Those Who Arrive, Imbibe.” To score a chance to attend the Terminus barbecue, Comic Con attendees didn’t have to be extra meaty; they just had to find a Terminus map and tweet a selfie in front of it along with the hashtag #TweetToEat. So far, no attendees have reported on the mystery meat they were given to eat, so hopefully they made it out of the cookout completely intact. Now that barbecuing has become such a big thing on “The Walking Dead,” perhaps all this gruesome grilling will have fans replacing Spaghetti Tuesday with Terminus Tuesday. 2.  Norman Reedus Reminiscing Shortly before heading to Comic Con, Reedus talked to Entertainment Weekly about the time he and Steven Yeun tried to experience Comic Con as mere mortals. “He went as Spider-Man, I went as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man,” Reedus said. “We walked around for a little while, and it was cool. When we came out of there, we went to the hotel and it was so hot that we were just dying in those masks. So finally we pulled them up for a second to just catch some air and we just got bombarded with people.” According to Big Picture Big Sound, Reedus and Greg Nictotero got to judge a Comic Con cosplay contest at the Courtyard Marriott interactive booth outside Petco Park in San Diego. There were probably plenty of walker wannabes competing, but the guys didn’t let their allegiance to their series affect their decisions. Instead of picking “Waling Dead” cosplayers, they went with a guy in a “Robot Chicken” outfit and a woman dressed as the Martian Girl who posed as a prostitute in “Mars Attacks!” 3. Lauren Cohen Raising Zombie Awareness There was plenty of Terminus talk for fans to eat up during “The Walking Dead” panel, but The Guardian reports that an audience question was the most memorable moment of the day. A fan dressed as a zombie/walker decided to keep in character while quizzing the cast about zombie awareness. “I got bit about a week ago, and I lost my job and my house, and I wanted to know, as an infected individual, what are you guys in the cast doing to raise awareness?” he asked. Cohan proved she would totally kill it on “Talking Dead” by quipping, “In August there’s a marathon, ‘Walking for Walkers.’ Make sure you donate.” Hardwick needs to get her an invite to appear on “@midnight” ASAP. According to HitFix, Chandler Riggs also played for laughs by bringing a vat of pudding to snack on during the panel. It’s nice to know that the Termites didn’t turn him into one of them. 4. “The Walking Dead Escape” Obstacle Course Zombie apocalypse survivalists got a chance to test their skills at Comic Con. According to Yahoo! TV!, The convention featured a “The Walking Dead”-themed obstacle course full of zombies for survivors to flee from. If “The Walking Dead” fans ever stop tuning in to “Talking Dead,” perhaps AMC should consider replacing the talk show with an obstacle course game show (think “American Gladiators” but with zombies). I think the network might also want to look into a zombie apocalypse cooking show, especially with all the food references on “The Walking Dead” last season. 5. The Terrifying Trailer Obviously the unveiling of the season five trailer was the most momentous “The Walking Dead” moment at Comic Con, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. The craziest thing about the trailer is that Rick doesn’t throw Termite Gareth on a grill; instead, he lets the cannibalistic killer join the group on their quest to find a cure in D.C. The trailer tries to make viewers think that Glenn meets the same gruesome fate as the comic book version of the character, but hopefully that stomach-sinking scene was just a fake out. We learn that Rick gets reunited with daughter Judith, and Carol is featured in a scene with her Pookie. There’s also a zombie bomb (zombomb?) and a scene featuring freaky water-logged walkers. The action sequences look pretty epic, but the biggest surprise comes when Beth pops up in the end. Unfortunately, it looks like she’s stuck in a “women in prison” exploitation movie – she get slapped around by a woman in a police uniform who tells her that she’s just “part of a system.” Did all “The Walking Dead” Comic Con buzz make you even more excited for season five? Our wait is almost over; the show finally returns to AMC on October 12.
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