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The 5 Most Gruesome Moments on “Mad Men”: Will Megan’s Death Be Another?


It’s hard not to feel like “The Strategy” was the calm before the storm on “Mad Men.”

Megan’s request to meet on neutral ground in the future was a sure sign that she’s fed up with the way things are going with Don, and it’s also not a good sign that she fetched her fondue pot and a large assortment of other things to bring back to Cali with her – it looks like she’s moving out for good. Or will she exit Don’s life in a more morbid manner?

If you look at “The Runaways” and the ominous promo for the midseason finale, you’ll get the sense that something sinister is going to happen to Megan. The promo featured tense music building up to a crescendo, and it sounded an awful lot like what you hear in a movie when a plane’s about to crash. The plane-centric promo also showed Megan sitting on her big ol’ jet airliner back to L.A. right before informing viewers that “it’s all up in the air.”

“Mad Men” could just be messing with us by playing into theories that someone is going to die in a plane crash or that Don is about to take on a third identity as plane hijacker D. B. Cooper. However, it’s also possible the promo’s plane imagery was a ploy to divert attention away from where the show is really going.

“The Runaways” really gave credence to the Sharon Tate theory when Don’s pregnant “niece” showed up at Megan’s house with the same starry-eyed look as Roger’s brainwashed daughter, but Stephanie might be a member of a different cult. During a tense conversation with Megan, Stephanie mentioned that the father of her unborn child is a musician who is about to get out of jail, and she joked that he would murder someone to get back in there if he knew that she was pregnant. The writers obviously want viewers to think that Steph is carrying the child of Charles Manson (or a Manson-like man), and she just might lead her boyfriend back to Megan’s place so that they can massacre her and whoever else happens to be there.

Don’t think for a minute that the show won’t show Megan getting murdered by a pregnant woman (side note: Sharon Tate was pregnant when she was murdered). Here’s a look at five other times “Mad Men” has shocked us with gruesome scenes.

1. Ginsberg’s Nipple

Ginsberg’s severed “valve” gift from “The Runaways” was definitely unexpected even though he was showing clear signs of insanity by claiming that the office computer’s hum was turning people into “homos.” Peggy threw a fit when she found out that those Valentine’s Day roses weren’t for her, so you’d think that she’d be more flattered by getting gifted with Ginsberg’s pink chest flower. Unsurprisingly, Ginsberg’s nipple promptly got its own Twitter account.

2. Peggy Stabs her Boyfriend

Poor Peggy just can’t win – if guys aren’t cutting off body parts for her, she’s accidentally cutting them up. In “The Better Half,” Peggy almost cut Abe in half with a makeshift bayonet after mistaking him for an intruder. She got dumped in an ambulance, and now the only guys she can get are those with missing valves.

3. Lane Becomes a Door Decoration

Don’s decision to let Lane go drove the Brit to hang himself in “Commissions and Fees,” but now Don seems to be A-okay with the idea of occupying the office where he found his colleague’s corpse hanging on the door. Lane’s previous attempt at offing himself was almost harder to watch than his bluish body being cut down by Peter, Roger, and Don – he tried and failed to take his life in the Jaguar gift from his wife that his joblessness made it impossible to afford.

4. The Infamous Lawnmower Incident

We’re used to seeing people lose body parts to bladed machines in horror movies, but there was something more horrific about watching poor Guy get mowed down by a secretary on a lawnmower in “Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency.” I guess the punch line of this joke is that he doesn’t walk out. Perhaps it was the florescent lighting, the shiny new John Deere, and the lighthearted party atmosphere that made Guy’s spewing blood and mangled foot just as sickening as any of the gruesome scenes on “The Walking Dead.”

5. Don Draper Gets Barbecued

Speaking of “The Walking Dead,” the real Don Draper’s body looked like a crispy walker corpse in “Nixon vs. Kennedy.” Dick Whitman didn’t break down after seeing his friend get fried during the Korean War – instead he grabbed the dog tags off of his smoldering, skinless body and decided to steal his identity. This scene illustrates how strong Don/Dick’s will to survive is, so don’t be surprised if he simply moves on if he loses Megan in a similarly grisly manner.

Would you add any other gruesome moments in the series to our list?

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