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‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Turns January Into Juan-uary with Specials All Month: Check out Spoilers Here

The Bachelor

“The Bachelor” 2014 is coming in January and fans of this show are excited about the premiere. Juan Pablo Galavis is now the one handing out roses and looking for love. ABC has decided to make sure that fans are watching this show twice a week by including a special every single Sunday in January along with their regular show on Mondays each week.

January 5 and 6

It all starts out with the big premiere. It will be on Jan. 5 and 6. The first special airs on Jan. 5 and is called “The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo.” This is the one where you get to meet him and his daughter. The interesting part will be that you will get to meet the girls too. Normally they only show a few of the introduction videos during the premiere episode but this way you will get to see a lot more of the girls trying to find love. Then on Monday Jan. 6 they will air the big premiere episode.

On the regular episode, viewers get to see the women come out of the limos. Spoilers are already out and one woman even shows up with a pretend baby bump. Lauren doesn’t use the limo and instead rides up on a piano bike. Sharleen will get the first impression rose. 

January 12 and 13

The next week the Sunday night special is called “The Bachelor: Behind the Scenes.” This one doesn’t sound very exciting honestly. It is about more of the girls and then also they will crash a few viewing parties. Every year fans have seen the lead along with Chris Harrison do this and all it is really is girls screaming. Of course there is a regular show on that Monday Jan. 13.

In this episode, 18 women are left and he will send three more home before the night is over. Clare Crawley will get the first 1 on 1 date of the season and she will get a rose. Kat Hurd also gets a date and a rose. Juan Pablo’s daughter will be around, but the women won’t meet her.

January 19 and 20

The special this week is called “The Bachelor: Bachelor Love Stories.” This week will be ABC’s way of proving that you can find love on this show and sometimes it does even last. Ryan and Trista Sutter will celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary with a vow renewal. They will also share updates on other couples. 

Episode 3 will have two 1 on 1 dates and also one group date. Two more girls will be sent packing by Juan Pablo. He will also cook breakfast for the girls showing off that he is a domestic man as well as sexy when they party by the pool.

January 26 and 27

ABC once again will try to prove that love can be found on reality TV as fans get to see Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici tie the knot. They will get married live on television and of course the event will be full of past contestants.

Episode four they will head to South Korea. Juan Pablo will have two group dates and one date that is a 1 on 1. He will send home two more girls. On the 1 on 1 date Sharleen will explore the area with him and of course get a rose.

ABC must have needed something to fill a Sunday night time slot and so they are showing “Bachelor” specials all month. It looks like they are doing everything they can to prove that love can be found on this show and also to boost up the ratings. They will do anything they can to make sure everyone watches Juan Pablo Galavis try to find love and that the show stays around at least one more season.


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