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“The Bachelor” Star Juan Pablo Galavis on Being the Show’s First Non-White Star

Juan Pablo The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis began his journey on “The Bachelor” this month and things are already looking a bit different from the show’s typical setup. For starters, Juan is a single dad, looking for someone to complete his family, and he’s Latin!

“I am the Bachelor, and I am a Latino, and obviously it’s going to be me,” Juan told reporters during a recent conference call. “So, there’s going to be a lot of Latino things in the show — a lot, you know, just me. … It’s going to be a lot of food, a lot of dancing, a lot of stuff. I’m going to tell you, it’s going to be so different that you’re going to love it.”

Juan is the first non-Caucasian Bachelor or Bachelorette in franchise history, and when it comes to the Latin commutity’s response, Juan says it’s all been positive.

“People are just happy,” he said. “And it just – it’s not that I’m a Latino … because also I’m Spanish, you know. Another fact that [whether you are] a Latino or not, it’s just, you know, it’s not easy to find somebody for the show, and also in ‘The Bachelorette’ or ‘The Bachelor’ to find people from different cultures. They don’t understand this show; they don’t want to be in this show.  So it’s not easy and definitely their reaction has been great and I’m happy.”

Because Juan has a young daughter, it was important to search for not just a wife, but also a potential step-mother for his daughter, but according to him, he didn’t let his daughter sway his decision when it came to navigating through his suitors and when it came to spending time with his lady and daughter, he would only refer to her as a “friend” and not a “girlfriend” or otherwise.

“[But] if I’m getting married with somebody someday, definitely I would be like, ‘This is the one, she could be your stepmom,’ and I introduce her as my girlfriend because I am 100 percent sure that I’m going to marry somebody whenever that has to happen,” he explained. “It’s not even worth involving her into this whole process and tell her, ‘Listen, Daddy’s going to go out with 27 [women] — no, it’s not worth it at all.”

While Juan went on the show with the mission of finding love, he isn’t allowed to reveal much when it comes to the current season; he can’t even reveal whether his mission was successful.

“You have to watch till March [for the season finale], you know, that’s part of it,” he teased. “I wish I can tell you, but I’m very happy. I’m a happy guy; I’m always happy. And you’ll see in March.”

If, in fact, Juan has found love, fans will surely be hoping for him to continue on with his journey of love with a TV wedding, but at this point, he says he’s not completely sold on the idea.

“Getting married on TV, I’m not sure,” he admits. ” You know, I don’t know. … I’m from Venezuela and weddings in Venezuela are big, and music – I don’t know how this works. I have no idea. So, I’m not even thinking about that.”

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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