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The Boys Comic Characters We’d Like to See on TV

There are plenty of characters from the comics who’ve appeared on The Boys TV series, but we have five more to add to the supe mix.

The big news about Season 3 of dark superhero series The Boys, which premieres Friday, June 3, on Amazon Prime Video, is the introduction of five new “supes”: Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden), Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva), Blue Hawk (Nick Weschler), and Gunpowder (Sean Patrick Flannery). The Vought-verse is getting crowded.

Would you believe there are even more characters from the Dynamite Entertainment comic book series that haven’t yet crossed over into The Boys TV show? We’ve picked five we’d like to see make the jump from page to screen in this season (or, fingers crossed, Season 4) of The Boys.

The Boys of Prime Video

Seasons 1–2 and the new Season 3 of The Boys (as well as animated spinoff series Diabolical) are only available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Check out our Amazon Prime Video review and What to Watch on Amazon Prime Video for all the viewing deets.

The Legend

The Legend is a nameless former comics writer/editor from Vought’s Victory Comics division who now acts as an inside informant to Billy Butcher and The Boys. In addition to spilling tea about Vought and The Seven’s dirty deeds, The Legend is also extremely close with Queen Maeve. In the comics, things don’t end well for The Legend, but it could make for great TV.

The Legend of Dynamite Entertainment comic The Boys

Tek Knight

A satiric take on the Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne trope of a billionaire playing superhero with expensive weaponry, Tek Knight isn’t a Compound V-enhanced superhero. He’s also not on The Boys’ radar because he’s mostly a straight arrow who Butcher says is too “boring” to worry about. On the contrary, Tek Knight has a brain tumor that drives him to have sex with literally anything.

Tek Knight of Dynamite Entertainment comic The Boys

Team Titanic

Not every superhero rises to the hallowed ranks of The Seven, and the odds are even worse for sidekicks. Team Titanic is made up of ex-sidekicks who’ve aged out of the gig and fallen into irrelevance—kind of an island of misfit toys in Cleveland. Somehow, supes with names like Gumchum, Muzzletov, and Earl Mulch just couldn’t break into the major leagues. Weird.

Team Titanic of Dynamite Entertainment comic The Boys


A Vought marketing ploy to reach/exploit the LGBTQ+ community, superhero Swingwing portrays a gay-friendly ambassador but is secretly a raging homophobe—another Vought HR vetting success. In the comics, Swingwing accidentally murders a gay man who gets too close to him, which is the kind of twisted antihero drama that The Boys specializes in.

Swingwing of Dynamite Entertainment comic The Boys


Dumb name, dumber supe group. Paralactic is a cybernetically-enhanced team with big muscles, bigger guns, and ridiculous costumes straight out of the over-the-top ’90s cyberpunk era. Despite appearances, Paralactic are terrible at superhero-ing, which could set up some highly entertaining run-ins with The Seven or The Boys on the TV series.

Paralactic of Dynamite Entertainment comic The Boys

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