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The Coolest TV Show Offices We Wish Were Ours

Work life is so much easier with a really cool office. As we stare at cubicle walls, illuminated by flickering fluorescent lighting, we dream of a better place. We think about our favorite TV characters, working away in offices with fantastic views, comfortable furniture, and a door that closes out annoying coworkers. We may not be cops, lawyers, or superheroes, but we’d love to take any one of these six fantastic digs from them. Bruce Wayne — “Gotham” He’s still just a kid, but Bruce (David Mazouz) inherited his dad’s company and his home office. The high-ceilings, walls of bookshelves, dark wood paneling, and opulent furniture create an impressive haven inside Wayne Manor. The fact that it’s larger than most people’s apartments in the city makes it extra comfortable to work in. Bruce has desk space, table space, and a huge couch to sleep on after he’s spent countless nights trying to solve his parents’ murder. This office also comes equipped with butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee), who makes sandwiches as well as he makes minced meat out of surprise attackers. The bonus is a remote control that opens up a secret passageway. It’s too early in this story to ask, but who doesn’t want their own batcave? Everyone at Pearson Specter (Litt) — “Suits” This law office is just pure awesome. It’s modern and chic, with lots of rich wood and clean lines. It’s also ridiculously spacious, with huge partner offices, wide hallways, and conference rooms big enough for crowds of legal teams trying to bluff their way to a settlement. First-years are jammed into cubicles, but they can always spread out their impossible workloads on giant community-use tables. The more important you are here, the more personalized your office. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) gets a lot done from her large, U-shaped command center, but you know she’s staring longingly at Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) corner office. All the sumptuous leather and chrome and cherry wood conveys a sense of wealth and power. The records and autographed basketballs add a touch of personality. The atmosphere intimidates opponents and impresses clients. I personally want to be Jessica (Gina Torres), sitting pretty in her elegantly decorated space, illuminated by the sun streaming in from the wall of windows. What’s more intimidating than this impeccably dressed, beautiful woman perched on her spotless ecru sofa? You know everyone who comes in is going to be sitting up straight and feeling instantly inferior. Talk about the perfect office. Rachel Green — “Friends” Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) worked her way up the ladder at Ralph Lauren, eventually landing her own office. She had a huge window with a gorgeous view of New York City, and enough workspace to accommodate everything from fashion layouts to baby carriers. It was almost like a home office, with lush carpet, patterned drapes, and richly upholstered furniture in soothing earth tones. Highlights included discounts on designer fashion, running into Ralph on the elevator, and having a gorgeous male model assistant. We are so there. Will Gardner — “The Good Wife” The Lockhart Gardner offices have always been awesome, somehow managing to be warm with all that angular wood and glass and modern art. Will’s (Josh Charles) office in particular was a friendly man cave, a place he could do business or laugh insanely with friends over Chinese take-out. He looked official behind his desk, surrounded by law books. Then he would kick back in one of his leather chairs or the couch, plotting his next move. Will’s domain had plenty of windows, to look outside as well as keep an eye on everything going on around him in the office. Then there was that private bathroom, perfect for totally inappropriate office liaisons (we still miss his rendezvous with Alicia!). Once Will was gone, his aura was so strong, it haunted anyone else who took residence. That’s a powerful space. Felicity Smoak — “Arrow” When things were good in the cave, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) had the most amazing office ever. It was a geek girl’s dream, with access to all the best computer technology her millionaire vigilante boss could afford. She rolled on her chair from giant screen to giant screen, tracking baddies and hacking into government systems. There was also a handy lab for blood tests and poison evaluation. The basement location and secretive mission made windows impossible, but Felicity still had a nice view. Most of us would turn up to work every day with a smile if our office was filled with sexy costumed warriors putting on an amazing display of martial arts. I’d work overtime without complaint for the chance to see a hot, shirtless Oliver (Stephen Amell) working his way up the salmon ladder. The Major Case Squad — “Major Crimes” The communal space in the major crimes division is a bit like being in school. There are rows of desks and a big white board full of information. But the difference here is, the teacher isn’t boring, the detectives get paid to be there, and they have guns to deal with any disruptions. And, as a bonus, the only rule is to not touch anything on Provenza’s (G.W. Bailey) desk. The open floor plan makes brainstorming easy. It also facilitates eavesdropping, and throwing stuff at your peers when they annoy you. The best part of this office? Knowing that your boss, and the people around you, always have your back. That’s something every office could use. Dream offices offer space, comfort, intimidation, and camaraderie. Like our favorite TV characters, we’d love to tailor our surroundings to create the perfect working environment. We can always build a sanctuary in a home office, though a batcave might be out of our price range.

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