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“The Good Wife” Star Mike Colter on Lemond Bishop’s Relationships and Details on Season Six

MikeColter On “The Good Wife,” Mike Colter plays Lemond Bishop, a powerful drug dealer in Chicago, who is both a ruthless criminal and a loving father. Colter chatted with CableTV yesterday, dishing about his character on “The Good Wife,” and revealing what is in store for season six of the show. Where do we see Lemond Bishop in season six?  Lemond Bishop in season six is going to take an intricate part in Alicia’s life. Right now, we see him having some interaction with Cary, because Cary has been implemented in this drug case. He’s been arrested and put in jail and Lemond Bishop has been alerted to the fact that Cary is being held on $1.3 million bail. Lemond tried to offer the money, but they tried to find out where the money came from and the money was taken back. Cary was kept in jail and released recently, but he’s on bail and has a trial that’s pending. Meanwhile, there is an informant that was supposedly working for the federal government that was in Lemond’s camp and then disappeared. We see Lemond questioning Kalinda about her knowledge of the informant. Lemond wants to know who it is so he can figure out what to do with it, but she also needs that informant to stay alive. If the informant is gone, they can’t help Cary because they need an eyewitness as to what actually occurred when Cary was involved in this conversation. What can you tell us about his relationship with Cary and Alicia this season? I’m going to become a little more focused on Cary. We’ll have time together – let’s put it that way. We will have moments together that we’ve never had before. It’s going to be interesting to see how him and Cary develop, but right now, Cary is in his crosshairs, so he’s going to have to figure out what to do with him. Lemond, as you’ve known in the last few seasons, has a bond with Alicia. He tends to take her side. Alicia is somebody he’s stuck by for years now and he’s going to continue to stick by her, but he’s going to take an extra interest in her going forward. Cary is in jail when the new season starts and Bishop finds a way to help with bail. Do you think this will help build the relationship between Bishop and his lawyers or will it end up harming it? Anytime you take money from someone who is in organized crime, or anyone who is on that side of the fence, it’s always at a price. Bishop has invested interest because Cary’s in prison and he’s tied through Cary because of the drug implications and needs to have Cary out. But does he need to have Cary out so he can get rid of Cary or so they can prove his innocence? We’ve seen a lot more of Bishop interacting with his family so far this season, specifically his son. Do you think it’s a struggle for him to separate his family life from his business? I don’t think so. Like any powerful man, or anyone in the position of power, when you go home and you are away from everything you were doing that day, you kind of compartmentalize. You go home, you open the door, there’s your kid, there’s your dog, and you are in your own world. I don’t think he struggles with it. What sort of insight can you give us into the life of Lemond Bishop, especially in this season? We will see more of his personal life. We will see a little bit of him in ways that we have had glimpses of in the past, but we will see more of it. We are going to see a Bishop that is less stressed and more willing to let things flow. It’s personality nuances that we haven’t seen before that it will be interesting to see in different colors. Do you have any similarities with his character? The only thing I can see that is similar is, every once in a while, I’ll put on a suit and go, “That looks good, Bishop would like this kind of suit.” He likes to dress in suits. What or who inspires you to succeed in this role?  A couple things the producers said in the description clued me into what I thought he should be. I took the notion that Bishop would be someone who was well educated and chose to dabble into drugs. Most drug dealers we picture as some street-level people, with not a lot of charm and not a lot of wit, just because they are dealing with scum bags most of the time. I felt Bishop was above that and liked the finer things in life. I didn’t have a particular person in mind, I just kind of look at the person and the text and the material and I apply these things to that. Can you give us any hints for what is going to happen this season? The next episode you guys are going to see a nice interesting turn. You are going to see a big commitment by Bishop in regard to Alicia’s world and I think it’s going to be a surprise for most. For more of Mike Colter as Lemond Bishop, tune into “The Good Wife” Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS.
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