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Experience ‘The Walking Dead’ alongside the Premiere

It was a cold day in January when we, here at CableTV, asked our Facebook fans which show they would most like to have an infographic about. We were making bets that the show our fans and readers would choose would be Game of Thrones. Welp, we were wrong. Almost 60,000 of you answered our poll, and with an overwhelming majority of 20,457 votes, The Walking Dead was the show you most wanted to see as an infographic. This excited us all. ZOMBIES! Yes! The challenge: there are quite a few Walking Dead infographics out there, what could we do that hasn’t been done? We did some research and decided that a “behind the scenes” approach hadn’t really been touched. What makes behind the scenes of The Walking Dead more interesting than most other shows? ZOMBIES! And zombie makeup and special effects. Naturally. What does it take to be a zombie on The Walking Dead? What kind of process is it? Who’s masterminding this effort? Wait, they have Zombie School? They do, in fact, have Zombie School. It’s where every extra goes to learn the ropes of how to be a walker. Also, did you know that the term “zombie” is never actually used in the show, ever? All in all, we found over 100 facts and figures pertaining to the makeup, special effects, and general behind the scenes information. There have been more than a few sleepless nights getting this Walking Dead infographic up, and we are pretty excited about how it turned out. This project would never have been created without the help of all of you out there. You speak and we listen, so keep it comin’. Tell us what you think about this interactive format. Tell us what you think about infographics. Tell us how much you love (or despise) The Walking Dead. Tell us about that wacky dream you had about your cat turning into a zombie and stealing your sweater. We want to hear it all! We especially want to hear what you want to see us create next. Now go see Zombiefied for yourself and tell us what you think. Click here. Find Danielle on Google+