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“The Mindy Project”: Who Should Be Mindy’s New Male BFF?

MINDY_BFF “The Mindy Project” is doing an excellent job proving that having two main characters hook up doesn’t have to be a jump-the-shark moment. However, now that Danny Castellano is giving Mindy stripteases as Diamond Dan and penning poetry about his “Brown Orchid,” I kind of miss the days when he was her reluctant work friend. Instead of spending too much time on relationship stuff, I’d love to see “The Mindy Project” explore Mindy’s friendships with her other male colleagues. But who would make the best new boy BFF to bicker and gossip with? Dr. Peter Prentice Pros – Mindy’s relationship with Peter developed the same way her relationship with Danny did—the doctors couldn’t stand each other at first, but they really started to care about each other after spending more time together. Peter had the reluctant friend thing going on during season two’s “Bro Club for Dudes.” Mindy tortured the typical bro by taking him out for tea at the girly USA Girl Café, and she shared too much when she revealed it’s where her mother took her after she got her first period. Peter was not impressed and his dislike of Mindy made it possible for him to morph into “new Danny.” Peter is also an excellent wedding date. The party pro can command the dance floor, and he even ruined the wedding of a two-timing ex by charming the dress off of the bride in the boy’s bathroom. Cons – Unfortunately, Peter doesn’t always give the best advice. In “Think Like a Peter,” he helped Mindy hook up with Schmidt from “New Girl” by teaching her how to play hard to get. This turned out to be a big mistake when an emotionally-vulnerable Mindy thought he was pulling a Cinderella by leaving his scarf at her place. Peter might know how to land one night stands, but he doesn’t understand that sending a rom-com fanatic like Mindy after a sleazeball isn’t the best idea. She’d end up with heartbreak after heartbreak if she took his advice. Nurse Morgan Tookers Pros – Morgan is responsible for the creation of Mindy’s inner warrior, Beyonce Pad Thai. He’s the one who told Mindy she needed to come up with a strong alter ego to survive an upcoming battle (her gynecological examination by Danny). Morgan and Mindy are also both Tina Fey fans. He reads Fey’s book, “Bossypants,” to figure out how she can “juggle it all.” And Mindy is going to leave all her money to Fey if she dies childless and alone. “Magic Morgan” saved Mindy from making the mistake of sleeping with him by wrapping her up in a pizza box. He even sexted a guy for his friend (to be fair, Peter also gets these points—he helped Morgan seduce Cliff for Mindy). Morgan almost always has an upbeat attitude and helps Mindy take her birth control pills by making them a powder to put in her coffee. Cons – Morgan is an ex-con (an attribute his girlfriend Tamra considers a pro) who wants to set Mindy up with his creepy, convict-killing cousin Lou. Lou might look good with his Richard Lewis neck tattoo, but he openly admits that he just wants to “lock down that rich Indian spinster” so he never has to fix another refrigerator. If Mindy were to become a single lady again, Morgan would be awful at finding her dudes to date, which is essential for this show. Morgan also thinks sour cream with sugar can replace ice cream as a breakup comfort food (blasphemy!). Dr. Jeremy Reed Pros – He was Mindy’s Hugh Grant when she was single and needed a hot hookup. He didn’t lead her on by making her think their friends-with-benefits relationship would ever become something more. Like Mindy, he enjoys comfort eating. He’s also known Mindy longer than Peter and Morgan. Cons – Since their first season office romp, Mindy and Jeremy haven’t spent a lot of one-on-one time together, which probably has something to do with their sexual history. Whenever Jeremy and Mindy speak, their banter rarely produces any laugh-out-loud moments. It’s always strained and you get the feeling Jeremy and Mindy have an awkwardness that hasn’t tempered as the show progresses. It’s obvious the real BFF battle is between Peter and Morgan. I love Morgan so much, but things just get way too weird when he and Mindy spend too much time together. The last time they hung out alone, it resulted in the filing of a sexual harassment lawsuit. I think I’m going to be on Team Peter for this one, as I really miss their extended interactions. “The Mindy Project” airs Tuesday nights on FOX.
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