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The Scoop on Cable Companies in Your Area

Whether you just moved or are interested in new cable service, it can be very frustrating trying to find a TV and internet package you’re happy with. Local governments are allowed to limit home services like cable to one provider per zip code. That explains why you only see ads for one brand, right? What they won’t tell you is that you have other options in that same zip code area. Satellite is available to places with a view of the southern sky. Fiber optic TV and internet is becoming more and more popular because the fiber cords don’t corrode like traditional cable and the speeds are improved. Some companies that we think of as “cell phone only” – like Verizon Wireless – are taking advantage of the fiber optic networks. And lots of telcos – companies that began as telephone companies but have branched out into several forms of communication – are offering TV and internet deals now. So how do you find cable or other TV providers in your area that meet your viewing demands and price requirements?
  • You can contact your local electric power board to ask about fiber optic connections. They may be able to point you to a provider.
  • You can check out our comparison charts for TV, Internet, home phone service, and bundles to see which provider you may want to contact.
  • You can try our Zip Finder – it’s simple. Type in your zip code, and we’ll pull all the options that exist in your area.
  • You can call us at 1-855-803-5494. Our team has all the information you need on the prices, channels, and availability for cable companies in your area.
Did You Know? You can often negotiate with your cable provider for a better price or package. Let’s see how it works: Say Comcast and DISH are the two main TV providers in your zip code region. And even though you don’t want satellite TV or internet, DISH has pretty good prices. You can call Comcast and ask them to match DISH’s rate. Or vice versa. Just make sure you read your contract and ask any questions you have immediately. Find Jess on Google+

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