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The Wait is Finally Over – “Louie” Is Back!

It was almost two years between the season three finale of “Louie” and the long-awaited season four premiere we finally got to devour on May 5. And when it comes to the searing and insightful Louis C.K. that’s simply too long to wait. Thankfully C.K. and his undeniable, uncomfortable brand of awkward comedy is back – and we couldn’t be more excited. “Louie” is a semi-autobiographical, Emmy award-winning comedy series airing Monday nights on FX. This endearing and laugh-out-loud show is brought to us from the disarmingly disturbed mind of veteran stand-up comedian C.K. Each week we get to see the world through “Louie’s” distorted lens as he navigates the waters of midlife dating, being a single father and juggling the demands of work and home. But it’s not the premise that makes “Louie” such a standout; it’s the unabashed, honest observations of C.K. that keep us wanting more. Not one to shy away from tough topics, be it death, religion, sexuality or politics, C.K.’s unassuming everyman commentary certainly strikes a chord. Some may argue that his brand of humor is something you either love or hate – with little room for anything in between – but that’s just another thing that makes him so influential. C.K. isn’t interested in playing it safe and when offering up a skewering observation, like the double-standard of overweight men who only want to date women who are super-model skinny, he turns the harshest criticism on himself. It’s this willingness to take a hit that makes us love him. After all, he may have more astute and hilarious observations than us, but he doesn’t think any of them don’t also apply to him. It’s refreshing to have someone so obviously bright yet so immediately accessible. And C.K. doesn’t “dumb it down” for us, either. How often do you find a comedy show that ranks with critics among acclaimed dramas like “Mad Men?” Yet that’s exactly what “Louis” delivers – a show with searing, timely insight, brilliant writing and ever-so-subtle performances that take the gag just far enough. It’s that subtlety that makes us feel like C.K. is just like us. So much like us, in fact, that the core of his semi-fictional character is a guy just trying to survive the day. He’s not seeking a higher purpose or a deeper meaning in his life, yet his profound observations often elevate him anyway. C.K. is in so many ways an idealist with strong beliefs – but those principles often find themselves left at the curb because it’s just too hard to pay the bills, suck up the courage to ask someone out and be a good dad without making some kind of comprise along the way. Good thing for us, that compromise doesn’t involve keeping his thoughts to himself. Welcome back, Louis!
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