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“The Walking Dead” Cast Answers Our Questions at NYCC


The Walking Dead cast attended NYCC this year and spoke to thousands about where the show is going this season. The cast included: Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen, Danai Gurira, and Chad L. Coleman. Executive producers Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, and Scott Gimple were also in attendance.

Q: Why should fans be invested this season?

Yeun: Before we start with the questions like this, this is amazing. [He said pointing to the crowd]. All of you guys, thank you so much for coming out this is so amazing. There is so much electricity, I just can’t wait.

Q: Danai Morrissey, what was it like coming on to an established show and playing Michonne who barely spoke in the beginning?

Gurira: The intensity — like the emotional stuff I felt inside. There was so much going on in her and there were so many ways she was guarded and defensive, but there were so many reasons for her that there was kind of trama. She was always on edge and always ready to do what she had to do. So that was a lot to look into.

Q: Lauren, if Maggie had to choose between Glenn and Hershel who would she choose?

Cohen: I can’t do that. Like if I am drowning in the ocean and there is a lifeboat with two seats and one of them is a one-legged man who can’t swim and there are sharks and you are going to make me decide?

Lincoln: It would be Hershel. He would float better with his leg.

Cohen: I think dad would want me to pick my boyfriend.

Q: Well, he has had a long life [laughs].

Yeun: I would make her pick Hershel and then I would drift away on plywood forever.

Q: Greg you work on all the special effects. Was there one in particular that you knew you were going to love?

Nicotero: We had a great run this year. There was one of the scripts that Robert wrote, there is a really great walking. You can see it in the Comic Con trailer so you guys have probably seen it already. It’s just pushing it to the limit and this year we have done a lot more with the walkers. Making them a threat again and having a lot more proximity to them. I have directed two episodes so of course I always put as many walkers in my episodes as I can. There is some really great stuff coming up.

Q: Chad, Tyreese is in a lot of the comics. Was it daunting coming into the show when people had a certain idea of how he was going to be?

Coleman: Piece of cake [laughs]. It helped so much that Robert Kirkman felt that I could feel the issues. If the creator of the show is behind me like that, it gave me a lot of confidence. It’s an amazing cast and so far so good.

Kirkman: I actually wanted Chad to play Tyreese in a potential Walking Dead show before there was any potential of a Walking Dead show. I remember watching The Wire and the fact that it all came together is amazing. I think you are going to love what he is going to do in season four.

Q: Your scene saying goodbye to your brother last season was a tear jerker. Where is Daryl now emotionally this season? Does he close up more? Is he more open?

Reedus: I think he has grown up a lot since then. I think he is sort of finding this sense of self worth through these people. He will do anything to keep them alive. He is sort of growing into the man he wouldn’t have been before. I think he is going into season four in full blown wolf mode, you know what I mean? He means what he says, he wears his heart on his sleeves, and he loves these guys.

Q: I have unshamefully said that I ship Daryl and Carol. There is a Ricksonne situation going on. I wasn’t the one that started it. Do you want to talk about it?

Reedus: That’s all you.

Q: We were talking and Reedus said that Rick looked Michonne up in a scene.

Reedus: Yeah, I spilled the beans on that.

Lincoln: What? When did this happen?

Q: It’s true. In the prison she had just come back and Rick is sitting there and he does it.

Gurira: He did not, he looked at the floor. He was looking intraspectively at the ground. I do appreciate that people want her to get some.

Lincoln: Sarah Wayne Calles will kick my ass if this goes down in season four, seriously. Maybe a couple more seasons. She is gone? That is so cruel. Alright. [laughs]. Unbelievable.

Cohen: Yes, we need one more love in the show.

Q: You don’t have to put love in the show, we can put love in the show. We can always add it in our minds.

Reedus: Group orgy in season five.

Q: So what’s going to happen in season 5? How is it going to end?

Gimple: I can’t share that!

Kirkman: Come one! [laughs]

Gimple: I will say all of the actors on stage and all of the ones that aren’t currently, will hae stories this season. We are going to see each character go through an arc and how they each affect one another. By the end of this season I think you are going to know all of these characters even more…you get a sense of who these are and that’s important.

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