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Exclusive Interview with Thomas Sadoski on HBO’s The Newsroom Season Two

Movies, theater, TV, and more—Thomas Sadoski is an acting jack-of-all-trades. Currently a series regular on HBO’s The Newsroom, Sadoski plays executive producer Don Keefer. In this Thomas Sadoski interview, the actor discusses working alongside big names like Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, and Jane Fonda, as well as how the powerful scenes pulled from real life events have an impact on the actors and fans. Q: How did you get involved with The Newsroom? Sadoski: Oh wow. I auditioned for it [laughs]. Q: That was it? You just heard about it and auditioned? Sadoski: Well, I got a call. I was doing a play on Broadway with Alison Pill called The House of Blue Leaves and it was produced by Scott Rudin. Scott got in touch with us one day and say, “Hey, Aaron Sorkin has written a new TV show for HBO and I would like you guys to audition for it.” Of course, Alison and I were like, “Yeah!” and we went in and auditioned while we were still doing this play together. Every night we would check in with each other leading up to the audition. We went in and auditioned on the same day. Then on opening night of our play, we both got the call that we had been hired for the show. We got to share that moment together and it was really neat. Q: What drew you to the character of Don? Sadoski: I like that sort of oppositional character. I like being “His Majesty’s loyal opposition,” which is what I have taken to calling Don. He is definitely a part of the team, but he has his own way of doing things and sees the world in his own way, and he is sticking to that. He has very good reasons for it; he has justifications for it. He has his way, he has his own mind, and he is not afraid to speak up for himself. I appreciate that about him and I think it’s a fun character to get to play, and it’s fun to change people’s minds on the character. People had such an adverse reaction to him when the season first started. Frankly, I was a little surprised because I didn’t have that same reaction to this character and to see that perception change as the season went on was exciting for myself and for Aaron. In the second season, we continue to see that growth in the character. I’ll be excited to see how that plays out.

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