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Did the New Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Just Confirm THIS Character from the Comics?

For some, Love and Thunder is the biggest movie event of the summer. What cameos and Easter eggs can we expect?

Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder is one of our most-anticipated new summer blockbusters. As a sequel to 2017’s hit Thor: Ragnarok, which revitalized the titular space viking, we expect Love and Thunder to continue Thor’s journey of self-discovery and re-introduce Jane Foster as a major player in the Marvel universe.

This week, Marvel Studios released a new trailer for Love and Thunder, narrated in part by Waititi’s fan-favorite character, Korg. Between the new trailer and the previous teaser, we’re really starting to get a fuller picture of the film’s story.

But if you’re really feeling impatient for that July 8 release date, we have a theory on one character they might be pulling straight from the comics. To explain, let’s review Jane’s time in the comics as The Mighty Thor.

Keeping up with the Asgardian

When we last saw the God of Thunder, he was hitching a ride with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Don’t remember how he got there? Relive the Infinity Saga on Disney+.

Who is The Mighty Thor?

Like in the MCU, the comics’ Jane Foster is Thor’s ex-girlfriend. She’s a medical doctor, not an astrophysicist, so her stories revolve more around themes of sickness and death than straight-up science. But at her heart, she’s a mortal character who’s spent so much time around gods and aliens that she can’t help but enter the world of heroics herself.

In the comics, this happens with some help from Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. Thor no longer feels worthy of his powers, but “there must always be a Thor,” so Mjolnir calls out to Jane and transforms her into a new Thor. (Oh yeah, about that—in the comics, “Thor” is really more of a title than a name. Lots of characters have become Thors across the multiverse, including the original Thor’s sister Angela, the mutant disco-queen Dazzler, and a frog.)

A panel from the Mighty Thor comics: A blonde woman holds a glowing hammer, her face obscured by a metal Asgardian helmet. A bunch of lightning swirls around her red cape. She looks like Thor, but a girl.
Jane Foster picks up the hammer as The Mighty Thor.

In the MCU, Mjolnir is currently in pieces after Hela smashed it in the first act of Ragnarok. But from the Love and Thunder footage we’ve seen so far, the hammer has put itself back together in Jane Foster’s hands. How is this possible?

Well, in the comics, Mjolnir is actually somewhat sentient. As the current lore goes, it was created using “The Mother Storm,” a cosmic entity that seems to have a soft spot for Dr. Foster. It even takes human form at one point to get Jane out of trouble. So perhaps it’s unsurprising that Mjolnir’s MCU counterpart would be able to put itself back together for Jane.

The Valkyrie comics

Two comics panels from The Mighty Valkyries. Runa, a dark-skinned Asgardian woman in a blue cape, knees an alien and says "Hey, there are many ways to die. This isn't how you want to go, pal. "
Rūna, the Valkyrie inspired by Tessa Thompson's character in Thor: Ragnarok.

It’s common knowledge that Marvel movies draw inspiration from the comics, but sometimes the relationship even goes both ways. Marvel loves its brand synergy. After Tessa Thompson’s debut as Valkyrie in Ragnarok, Marvel introduced two new comics characters modeled after her. The first, a Valkyrie from an alternate universe, appeared in the Exiles series. This was a fun nod to the movies, but she didn’t have a lasting impact after that story was over.

That is, until 2021, when Marvel introduced a new Ragnarok-inspired Valkyrie in the main comics continuity. This Valkyrie, named Rūna, was trapped between life and death until her rescue by Jane Foster, the Valkyrie.

Three panels from the Valkyrie comics. Jane, a brunette woman dressed in Asgardian armor, talks to Brunnhilde, a blonde, armored woman looking at a butterfly. The dialogue: Jane: "What?" Brunnhilde: "You are a Valkyrie now, Jane. The last Valkyrie. And soon, you will come to understand what a Valkyrie is..." Jane: "I know what I'm doing, Brunnhilde. I was Thor, remember?" Brunnhilde: "This is different. This is more. You took on a role-- but this is a responsibility. Thor is a god. Valkyrie... is a job." There are skulls reflected in Brunnhilde's eyes from the butterfly she's looking at. It's all very dramatic.
Jane talks to Brunnhilde, the previous Valkyrie.

Did we forget to mention Jane is Valkyrie now? Her tenure as Thor only lasted a few years in the comics before she gave the hammer back to her ex and took up a new mantle, that of her deceased friend Valkyrie. No, not the Tessa Thompson–inspired one, but Brunnhilde, the blonde one that Tessa Thompson’s MCU character was originally based on. Still following along?

T’ Orse (or Mister Horse, if you’re being formal)

So in the most recent Valkyrie comics, Jane and Rūna, the Tessa Thompson Valkyrie, work together to shepherd dead souls from the world of the living to Valhalla (or whatever afterlife makes sense at the moment). They don’t go about this task alone: traditionally, every Valkyrie needs a flying steed.

When Jane becomes the new Valkyrie, her first mission is to retrieve Dragonfang, the late Brunnhilde’s sword. The weapon itself was destroyed, but with it came custody of a flying horse: Jane’s new pegasus roommate, Mr. Horse.

A page from the Valkyrie comics: Jane Foster, as Valkyrie, sits on Mr. Horse, who says "I got thy All-Weapon signal, Valkyrie-- outside stated work hours, mind. I'll expect overtime for this, or tha'll be 'earing from t'shop steward." Jane replies, "Don't ever change, Mr. Horse." To the right of this is the cover of Jane Foster: Valkyrie #3, a shot of Jane riding Mr. Horse.
Mr. Horse says workers' rights.

Listen. Mr. Horse is a good character. Whereas other Valkyrior Steeds are called things like Cloud-Rider or Brightwind, he just goes by Horse. Or “The Horse,” or “Mr. Horse” if we’re being formal. Also, he can talk. He talks with a Yorkshire accent, is a vocal member of the flying horse worker’s union, and lives in Jane’s apartment. If you’re not already a Mr. Horse fan, we don’t know what to tell you.

But now that you know all this useless trivia about storms and horses and multiple characters with the same name, what does any of it have to do with Love and Thunder?

What we see in the trailer

There’s one shot in the Love and Thunder trailer that has us reaching for our copies of The Mighty Valkyries. After Thor finds out that the new hammer-wielding hero is Jane, we see a montage of shots of Jane sporting her newly blonde hair. Hidden in these clips is a shot of someone riding a pegasus against a dramatic cloudy sky.

We can’t quite see who it is on the pegasus, but if we zoom in enough, we can see a winged helmet, and the juxtaposition with all of the close-up shots of Jane and Thor’s voiceover (“the old ex-girlfriend . . .”) make us think it’s none other than The Mighty Thor herself.

Screenshotted from the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, an obscured figure rides a winged horse.
Mr. Horse, is that you?

Why does this matter? Well, traditionally, Valkyrie rides a pegasus, not The Mighty Thor. In Ragnarok, we saw a flashback of Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie riding one into battle against Hela, even wielding the sword Dragonfang. Where did this new Love and Thunder horse come from? Is Jane just borrowing Valkyrie’s, or could this be her very own Valkyrior Steed? Is she pulling double duty as a Thor and a Valkyrie?

Is it possible that this mystery horse is the enigmatic Mr. Horse himself? The comics character made his debut in 2019, which is cutting things pretty close, but it’s certainly not impossible. The movie’s villain, Gorr the God Butcher, was only introduced in the comics in 2013. And what better opportunity for a sneaky voice actor cameo—maybe they could get Sean Bean to step in to get Mr. Horse’s Yorkshire accent just right. Or maybe Waititi will pull another New Zealander into the MCU, and we’ll get a Rhys Darby cameo. Only time will tell.

Who would you cast as Mr. Horse? Tweet at @CableTV to let us know. And don’t forget to hit that follow button!

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