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Tim Pocock Talks About How He Landed His ‘X-Men’ Role and Whats Next for Him

Tim Pocock Camp Interview Tim Pocock is an Australian actor best known for his role as Scott Summers (the teenage version) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and as Ethan Karamakov in the ABC television hit, Dance Academy. Pocock recently starred in NBC’s Camp. Pocock sat down in an exclusive interview to discuss his career and what it was like working on Camp, which only lasted 10 episodes. Q: How did you get involved with X-Men? That is like a role of a lifetime. Pocock: Yeah that all kind of happened last minute. I was working a part-time job at a Cinema and I was running late for a shift and my agent called me and told me there was this audition and that I should go for it. The audition was the next day. I like printed off a bunch of stuff about the character to learn everything I could about him and then off I went to the audition and somehow managed to get it [laughs]. A couple of days later i got the call saying I got the role. Q: Wow that is crazy, that was like one of your first jobs right? Pocock: Yeah, I did a lot of musical theater and Opera for about five years, but that was my first role on camera. Q: So what was that experience like being in front of the camera on a real movie set? Pocock: Yeah it was pretty bizarre. I don’t think anyone would have expected for a career to go that way [laughs]. I think I spent a lot of time on set trying to figure out if this was real or not to the point when even the movie came out and I was watching it, I was like is that really me. I vaguely remember doing that stuff [laughs]. Q: After that movie, you did a bunch of television spots and such and then you landed Dance Academy. Pocock: That was a great opportunity. That show kind of popped out of nowhere. I didn’t really even know that, that show existed. I was actually living in Los Angeles at the time and my agent called me up and told me about the show and I put an audition down on a tape and sent it over via email. I didn’t really know that much about it. I had a script and a couple of things and they asked me to come in and screen test for it. So I flew into Australia and screen tested and kind of got offered the role in the room. It was going to be six months of work, but I thought well it’s a new show and Australia wasn’t doing any new shows at that point in time and it was kind of a good opportunity to start something from scratch so I thought well, why not. So as we were making the show I really liked it. It was a really sweet show. The cast was really fun and energetic. It has kind of gone on to have this really big following. It’s really inspiring a lot of people. We get people thanking us for wanting to become dancers and that is really something special about that. Q: Did you find that part difficult to do because you have all of these other elements in addition to acting? Pocock: Well I can’t really dance. So they really quickly wrote all of that out of the script. So I didn’t have to worry about that as much as the others did, which was I guess lucky for me [laughs]. I think at the end of the day, dancing and all forms of artistic expression usually are just a way of expressing emotion anyway so I think it ends up helping the story line. Q: Moving on to Camp, how did you get involved with it? Pocock: Hmm… my agent actually sent me the script for that in the first week of January and said it was a new series airing on NBC. They were doing casting pretty quickly on it and told me to read for the role of Cole. I read the script and I payed attention to the role and I liked the script. It was something different for me. It was a comedy and a little more grown up from what I did before. It was very well written… I thought everything about it was really cool and the script was very solid. I read it and I was like, I like this Robbie guy. I like him more. A week later I got called in to read for Robbie and a matter of weeks later I signed on the dotted line and we were ready to go. Q: What other projects do you have coming up now? Pocock: I have a movie coming out eventually called, Lemon Tree Passage. It’s currently in post production right now, we still have a little bit left to do for that. It will probably start popping up in the coming months. I am not sure if they are going to do festivals first or how they are going to approach it. It’s going to be a crowd pleaser. I am pretty excited to see how people think about that. I also did a movie called, Battle Ground, that is going to be released on DVD and I play a young soldier in World War I and is a bit of a coward and has to grow up in the course of that. Things seems to be lining up quite nicely. It makes me look like that really hard and busy actor that people want to look like [laughs]. Q: Where can people find out more about you? Pocock: They can follow me on Twitter @RealTimPocock and I am on Instagram @TimJPocock. Find Monica on Google+

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